Ever since I lived in Puerto Rico as a child, I’ve been drawn to the beauty of its architecture and quality interior design, especially in the city of Old San Juan. Now, living in Miami and having had the opportunity to travel all over Europe, my perspective as a professional interior designer has widened greatly.

We’re all a product of what we’re exposed to and that is as true with high end interior design as with anything else.

That’s why now when I travel abroad I always keep a few things in mind. If you’re in any way involved in making interior design, you should do the same.

This one may sound almost too basic to mention. But there are many places you may visit in your lifetime only to forget the specific details when you get home.

Say you want to design a grand foyer and incorporate the “glass wall with sconces” look from the New Hotel in Athens that you stayed at.  You may have the opportunity to develop a similar idea in your design by looking at a photograph of your last trip (like I did).



A simple way to get to know a foreign culture and its colors is to interact with the locals. Not only does this open your mind to new horizons, but you meet new people and get to know the real deal.

In my design life this can be especially important as I deal with different personalities on a daily basis in Miami. There’s a good chance that whatever role you play in making your high end interior design dreams come true, you won’t be making it happen alone.

By making it clear you understand someone is coming from, regardless of their background, you help build a stronger relationship, which leads to learning.


When visiting Europe, or any other place in the world, a walk often turns into an adventure.

More than just exercise, the sights can be spectacular. On a recent trip looking at the infinity pool in the white structure of the Katikies Hotel in Santorini nearly took my breath away.

But sometimes it’s the hidden gems that provide the true inspiration. In Lisbon, walking a few blocks down the road, I  found a tiny fabric store. It had a fantastically artsy way to place new outdoor furniture to look like a real “indoor living room.” The experience has which inspired countless designs since.

There are many details that you can pick up while walking in an unfamiliar place. Let your mind wander and your imagination will fill in the blanks.



No matter where you are traveling to, you  make a statement by looking sharp.

Not only does it reflect your artistic and creative side, but it will let the world know you take yourself seriously. As a result, people will want to get to know you and share with you. As always, the first impression counts. I am a professional designer and I want the world to see it.


Whatever role you play in making your design dreams come true, project that to the wider world and you’ll be amazed what will come your way.

Has a travel experience ever influenced one of your home design designs?