We all know there are sacrifices to be made when decorating your first home with your partner. When couple’s ideas clash on home decorating, compromise is key. Today I am going to share with you some tips that may make your time spent together smooth sailing especially when it comes to decorating the bedroom.

Use Your Favorite Colors
You love red hues and they love cooler tones, so why not try combining them. Thee are so many unique palettes out there and many colors that pair perfectly.  And if you still can’t stand your favorite colors in one space, go with a neutral you can agree on and add each color in small doses. Pantones Color of the Year is a perfect inspiration.

Hang Artwork
If you place a piece of art or image of your favorite vacation spot or cherished memory front and center, you will both get excited when entering the bedroom. Choosing the right photography is very important and adds a personal touch to your décor landscape.

A Touch of Romance
Why not stir up the romance in the bedroom by adding dreamy elements, such as a canopy bed or sheer curtains, maybe even some ambient lighting.