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Luxury Elements in Interior Design

You can create luxury in almost any space, even on a limited budget. Luxury interior design is about more than just expensive furnishings. It encompasses every aspect of designing a space. Interiors by Steven G, or IBSG, provides quality craftsmanship, unique furnishings, and incredible details to create a space you’ll enjoy. Our professional team has years of experience in luxury design to guide you in the right direction. 


The layout of a room enhances luxury interior design. You may want an open floor plan if you like to entertain or decide that multiple conversation areas are more desirable than one central seating area. 

Our team considers how you use your space and your goals for the room as we design the new layout. We’ll look at traffic flow as we consider the placement of furniture. We can show you the final result with AutoCAD and our rendering services before the work starts. It allows you to make changes at that time to eliminate the additional cost of waiting until later to replace something you don’t like. 

Cohesive Theme

To create a luxurious space, the area needs a theme. All your individual components will fit into that theme. The theme is composed of several aspects of your design. Choose colors that evoke feelings of luxury. You may like the richness of red or purple. You might prefer the brightness that yellow or orange brings to a space. Blue can create a feeling of calm. We work with you to determine the ambiance you’re trying to create and offer color suggestions that fit the mood. 

Accessories enhance a theme by adding design elements found throughout the space. You may choose red for your accent color, which you can add with throws and pillows or in the artwork. 

Our design team will meet you at our 10,000-square-foot showroom so that you can see the furnishings in person. You can decide if you like the patterns, materials, and style of items before you select them for your space. 


Lighting plays a crucial role in achieving luxury in your space, both in terms of the fixtures you choose and the amount of lighting you use. Light can make a space feel bigger and more open. Large windows can provide natural light, especially if you don’t hide them with heavy draperies. Overhead fixtures provide much-needed light in dark rooms. A chandelier might brighten a formal living room where you like to entertain. 

Light can be inviting and add warmth. Lamps and low lights add a feeling of intimacy and draw your attention to a specific area of the room. You might add a reading lamp to a corner with a couple of chairs to create a cozy nook. 

The light fixtures you choose should complement your overall theme. Besides providing light for your space, they can also add an artistic element. Choose lamp bases with a distinct design or modern ceiling fixtures with a unique shape. 


The furniture you choose for the space should be functional. It also adds to the ambiance or theme of the room. You’ll want furniture that fits the area well. An oversized couch in a smaller living room can make the space feel crowded. A small chair in a large room can seem odd or insignificant. 

When you visit our showroom, you’ll see the size and style of the furniture. We can also show you our renderings with the pieces you choose in your space. As you look at the AutoCAD drawings, you’ll have a better idea of how everything fits. We’ll also advise you on options that suit your goals. 


The materials you choose for your space can create a feeling of luxury. Silk draperies and bedding are high-end elements. Velvet is another option, often used in draperies and upholstery. You can find leather upholstery used in high-end homes and commercial spaces because it creates a powerful impression. These materials add texture and are pleasing to the touch, creating that sense of luxury.

Other materials, such as granite or marble, are part of the luxury design because of their quality. These stones are durable and resistant to heat, making them a practical choice. They are also elegant and decorative, making them an ideal option for flooring and countertops. 

Certain woods, such as mahogany, teak, and bamboo, are also popular in luxury design. These woods work well for flooring and furniture. They can enhance your design while being a durable and long-lasting choice of material. 

Choose the Right Luxury Interior Design for Your Space

Interiors by Steven G can help you achieve luxury in your design. We’ll work with you to decide on the best elements to incorporate into your space. Contact us to find out more about how we can transform a room to fit your needs. 

Catania by Interiors by Steven G

2818 Center Port Circle | Pompano Beach, FL 33064 | 954.735.8223 |  

Catania Sets A Record Resale Price  Catania Hollywood sets a record resale price having just sold unit 801, a completely remodeled residence at full asking price!

The lobby at Catania was recently remodeled and designed by Interiors by Steven G. Perfectly located near the famous Hollywood Boardwalk, Catania has it all. Amenities include 2 heated pools, a gym, sauna, a business center, restaurant, yoga/water aerobics classes, umbrella/beach chair service, valet, 24/hr security.

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Interiors by Steven G: Always Time to Give



Saturday morning, Steven G., his team and the Miami Dade Police Department Northside NRU, were out bright and early distributing more sleeping bags to those in need.

The officers also assisted in passing out Publix gift cards donated by Steven G. 

“The season of giving should never stop!  It shouldn’t be a season, it should be a way of life, says Steven G. I am so grateful to my team for their dedication and caring hearts. WE WILL BE BACK!”      


Can Property Listings Benefit from Interior Design?

Selling your home can be a long and complicated endeavor…but hiring an interior designer can actually make the process a whole lot easier. In truth, without the right interior design, a property could sit on the market for months with little to no showings. Today I reveal why interior design is essential when listing your home and how you could be incorporating it to increase property value while attracting potential buyers.

Space planning can make or break a home sale.

If you want to sell your home for top dollar, space planning makes all the difference. Would you want to purchase a home with a bizarre floor plan? Would you want to put down roots in a space that feels confined, dark, and outdated? Of course not! Smart interior design will make small houses appear larger, dark spaces become brighter, and old-fashioned features feel fresh and current.

Great interior design start with a great floorplan and proper space planning. To help those of you ‘sellers’ about to put your home on the market but might not know where to start your interior design plans here is a great example of what a floor plan with the right spacing could look like.

Whether it’s getting more creative with furniture placement and paint color or conceptualizing a complete remodel, having an interior designer on your side will help you and homebuyers realize the full potential and value of the home you are trying to sell.

Sometimes all it takes is one piece of furniture placed in the right location to tie a home room together and turn a house sitting on the market to a profitable investment.

Interior designers know how to add value to your home.

Seasoned interior designers know which styles, colors, furnishings, furniture pieces, finishes, appliances, amenities, and architectural details appeal most to homebuyers. They know how to elevate the beauty and aesthetics of a home and  increase the space’s functionality…and this usually leads to higher listing prices.

Interior designers also understand how to capture the original charm of an older home for buyers who are looking for history and character. Or they can also transform older interiors into modern ones for those who are solely interested in contemporary spaces. Interior designers have the expertise and experience to reimagine any space to suit the preferences and unique style of the potential buyers you are trying to attract with your listing.

Interior Design Property Listings

They also know which renovations will add more value to your home. Perhaps a full kitchen or bathroom remodel is needed to sell your home at a higher price tag, or maybe you just need a few simple cosmetic changes. Either way, an interior designer will help you make informed and affordable decisions to increase listing prices and more importantly your bottom line.

Knowing how to make smart interior design decisions can make all the difference in seeing a higher price tag on your listing. To learn more about how to figure out which design decisions would add the most value and gain some insight into the process an interior designer uses to make them; here are some helpful guidelines straight from a professional designer for you to enjoy.

Trendy Design vs. Timeless Design

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, you’ll want to strike a balance between timeless styles and what’s in vogue. People want homes with longevity, but they are also looking for something that is unique and special. Going too trendy can intimidate homebuyers, and boring design can be equally disheartening.

Here’s where the interior designer comes in! They have unparalleled insight into emerging – and fading – trends in home design. An expert interior designer can fuse the best elements from multiple styles into one, cohesive point of view. This will make your home look more expensive and appeal to a wider range of homebuyers.

Home Listings and Interior Design

Interior designers have the best connections.

Interior designers cultivate countless relationships throughout their careers. They have access to the best manufacturers, contractors, furniture designers, architects, and showrooms. Interior designers can obtain high-end furnishings and materials for you at lower costs.

Interior Design Benefits for Property Listings

Keep in mind before deciding on listing your home or putting a property on the market that an interior designer can leverage those relationships and his experience to help you create a high end space that attracts buyers but is still within your budget.

Here’s a great example of how they do it:

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