New Year means new products and designs for the luxury interiors industry. We are very excited on what is to come this year and we would love to share with you some of our interior design predictions!

Take a look and get ready to start decorating!

Perky Pedestals
We have seen it before, furnishings that aren’t there just to be functional but to stand out and make some noise. You can do this with creative floor lamps or bold chandeliers, but coming up get ready for some animates pedestals!

Your new tall, striking pedestal can exhibit a sculpture, a plant, or even that golf trophy you have been trying to show off.

Return of the Desk
Working from home on your laptop in bed is officially over! This yea we are reserving the bedroom for more intimate affairs. Desk now have new styles and fabulous designs and must be recognized in your home thanks to craftsman like Sam Allen. Get ready to make this year your most productive yet.

Mixed Metals
Platinum, gold, rose gold, copper to steel — as long as they’ve got metallic sheen, they will bling out your home in a truly glamorous fashion.

A Better Sleep!
Lets keep your bedroom serene this year with black out curtains and satin sheets. But lets not forget to maximize your comfort and only purchase the best when it comes to your mattress. Look no further then Essentia!