When designing an interior space, you can create a luxury and functional environment that matches your personal style. A reliable way to accomplish this is by working with professional interior designers like thost at Interiors by Steven G. We specialize in luxury designs and will work closely with you to execute your vision. Here are seven tips for working with an interior designer:

1. Have a Vision

Have a general idea of what you hope to get out of your design project. This may not necessarily mean having an exact picture of the finished product in your mind, but rather a defined purpose for your efforts. Think of how you plan to utilize the space or if your main objective is to improve the aesthetics of your home or business. Balance that vision with the wants and needs of your family, friends, coworkers, or clients. Determining whether your design goal is to increase your property’s resale value will help you decide if you need to research the latest consumer trends for your project. Our in-house team of interior designers can also help with providing recommendations to help you cater to emerging styles.

2. Review Your Designer’s Capabilities

Browse through your chosen designer’s website to see which decorating styles they specialize in and the services they can provide. Review their portfolio to see the results of past projects. Well-known design firms may have videos detailing their work, such as those posted on the “Media” page at Interiors by Steven G. These resources can help you visualize your space’s potential and provide inspiration references to show our design team during your consultion.

3. Be Clear About Your Preferences

Being clear about your preferences and staying involved in the decision-making process helps make sure the final result aligns with your vision. Clearly communicate your preferred style, colors, and overall aesthetic. Share specific likes and dislikes to guide the designer. Discuss how you plan to use each space and any specific needs that should be considered in the design. You may also choose to visit the site regularly to see the progress and provide input. Sharing these thoughts can help you create a successful partnership with your interior designer.

4. Establish a Budget

Determining your budget can help you establish realistic expectations for your rennovation or redesign project. It allows the design firm to plan efficiently, sourcing materials and products that fit within your financial boundaries without compromising on quality or style. At Interiors by Steven G., we carry a wide range of decorations, furniture, and accessories in our 100,000-square-foot showroom, allowing you to control where to allocate your resources.

5. Set Deadlines

Ask for time estimates when getting an initial quote from your interior designer. The time needed to complete your project may impact elements like your budget and the designer’s availability. Many factors go into determining a project’s timeline, including whether a designer has to wait for materials to be shipped in. At Interiors by Steven G., we stock an extensive supply of inventory to help streamline the process.

6. Be Open to Suggestions

When working with a professional designer, maintain an idea of what you want while also being open to their suggestions. Interior designers supply a wealth of knowledge, experience, and creativity. You provide the vision; the designer’s job is to then help you fill in the individual details. These professionals are trained to see possibilities and solutions for executing your design in the best way possible. Their expertise typically includes understanding space planning, color theory, materials, and current design trends. A balanced combination of these aspects can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of your space.

7. Understand the Process

Understanding the design process can help you effectively manage your expectations and voice any concerns. It can also remind you to remain patient throughout the process, as extensive design projects often take time. Light fixtures may be hung before furniture arrives, or painting may be done before flooring is installed. If you are unsure how a step or feature fits into the overall design scheme, communicate this with your designer to make sure your vision is fully understoed. At Interiors by Steven G., we implement state-of-the-art tools like AutoCAD to create digital renderings of the proposed design elements. This technology allows you to see a detailed view of the finished product before the work is actually completed.

Partner With Our Professional Interior Designers

Interior designers can help your space appeal to a wide or targeted audience, whether that be visitors to a home, hotel, or health spa. At Interiors by Steven G., our team consists of many professionals, including flooring and spatial planning specialists. This diversity allows us to effectively work towards your goals. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and get started on your luxury interior design project.