In today’s post, I wanted to run down some of the biggest trends in Miami interior design for my fellow South Floridians and give you some tips on how you can incorporate them into your own homes.

Soft Contemporary Design

Contemporary spaces are revered for their sophistication, strong lines and minimalist motifs. This style is the definition of modern elegance and a Miami favorite. Today my clients are asking me to introduce a little more warmth into their contemporary homes, and here’s how I’m making it happen:

1) Softer color palettes instead of the standard white – Designing a space in shades of cream, beige, tan and eggshell will make a contemporary space feel warmer. If you’re inspired by monochromatic home design (another Miami favorite), then look for furniture pieces, fabrics and wall treatments within this softer color scheme.

2) Mix and match shapes – Contemporary interior design is famous for its use of angles, shapes and geometric forms. Square pieces can appear strong and commanding, circular elements may feel gentle and delicate. Incorporating a variety of shapes into your home will create a more harmonious and relaxing space.

3) Softer furniture – My clients want furniture that is luxurious and comfortable. Soft leathers, natural fabrics and thicker cushions will add a touch of ease to any space.

Touches of Natural Wood

A touch of natural wood can transform any room into an elegant sanctuary. Organic elements make a space feel warm, welcoming and serene. My clients are craving touches of natural wood in every room of their homes!

Luckily, there are many ways you can incorporate the trend into your spaces:

1) Hardwood floors – Choice of flooring is one of the most important design decisions a homeowner can make. If you opt for hardwood flooring, make sure you select a species that best suits your lifestyle and tastes. If you have an active family, oak might be the best choice for you. (It’s the most durable, comes in a variety of colors, and takes stain well.) Mahogany and walnut floors are good options if you want a richer, warmer mood.

Don’t be afraid to pick options with personality! Have fun with colors and grains. Go for wider planks of wood if you want a bolder look.

2) Bring it to the walls – Why not wow your guests with a spectacular wall feature? This can be anything from custom book shelving and cabinetry to accent walls and artwork. Take some design risks! Dare to be unconventional!

3) Add a hint of natural wood to your space with accessories and accent pieces.

Bold Artwork

Artwork will add character, charm and pops of color to your space. It’s also one of the best ways to show off your personality.

One of our favorite art shows at Interiors is Art Basel Miami Beach. Art Basel is one of the most anticipated and star-studded art events in the entire world. It’s a nerve center for modern and contemporary artists, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, celebrities, and of course, designers. Art Basel is a goldmine for Miami interior designers. There is inspiration at every turn!

Art Basel may be the Holy Grail of art shows, but beautiful artwork can be found anywhere! Check out your local events and galleries to find unique pieces that elevate your space and showcase your personal style.