You know that I get very excited when I come across the latest innovations in the world of interior design. There is a multitude of high-end interior design applications out there that you can download on your smartphone or tablet.

For you tech savvy readers I have scoped out the latest and most amazing interior design apps to help any homeowner looking to make a change or renovate a room. These apps can aid your interior design needs in the palm of your hand.

Use these apps to inspire and provide you with essential information regarding your decorating needs and turn your home into the high end space you are looking for.

Obviously these apps wont give you the same quality you can get from hiring an interior designer but you can get a glimpse of some amazing results!

Check the Apps out here!

HomeStyler Interior Design

  • When you have the floor plan ready, and all you need is to place the right furniture in each room the HomeStyler app will come in handy! All you need to do is click a picture of the room, import it into the App and start designing your interiors. You can test out wall colors, home accessories, and products from real brands that are on the live market.
  • HomeStyler is simply amazing for creating your space with a 3D visual aid before committing to anything. This Autodesk app is available on both, Android and iOS. This will inspire you to convert your home into a design studio. You can also connect with a professional for tips and tricks.


  • Various color combinations can make or break any room; this is where MyPantone comes in. We have talked about the power of pantone colors before and now you can access their product in the palm of your hand. This App gives you access to over 13,000 colors. You can find the shades of your dreams! You can create color palettes and use AirPrint to print it out as reference of your painter. You can even click the picture of a color you have liked and upload it to the app to find its closest match. The app even gives you the exact specifications of the color you have chosen, in CMYK, so that you can be sure to get the right paint from the store.
  • Pantone is the ultimate color authority out there. When it comes to disputes on whether a shade is turquoise or teal, they have the final say. They are the historic leaders that have standardized library of colors into a convenient app that allows you to accurately communicate your color choices to decorating professionals, designers and manufacturers alike. It also identifies the colors in your photographs and expertly generates complementary palettes.


  • If you are looking for beautiful, unique antique furniture for your home you have to check out this App! The app allows you to search for the perfect home accessories from any era, whether it’s seating, mirrors, or tables.


  • Want to see what new furniture would look like in your home before you buy it? Download SnapShop Showroom! This app allows you to browse through furniture from major retailers and create a virtual gallery to save and share. Mix and match and come up with some amazing interior designs.

LikeThat Apps

  • See some furniture or decor that you like while you’re out and about? Snap a photo and the LikeThap App can help you shop for it in seconds. Access millions of items from thousands of merchants and read reviews. This app is very helpful when you spot the perfect item!


  • Free on iOS and Android. This App allows you to upload a photo and then watch as the app generates a color scheme based on that image. Use it on your favorite art pieces to design a room around them. This app is only for getting painting ideas for your house and interiors. It will suggest you color schemes, patterns, matching colors, etc. You can also create a workbook and develop your own color scheme.

Photo Measures

  • $6.99 on iOS and $4.99 on Android, but both have free Lite versions. You won’t need to get room measurements and try to visualize how things will look like when you are in the store. Photo Measures allows you to put all of the dimensions of walls and flooring, directly on the image of the room. Now you can visualize putting any home accessories inside first without physically doing it.


  • Free on iOS. It brings home décor retailers onto a single digital catalog. You can also view pictures inspired by designers, click on the products and buy them all in one spot. A unique way to shop at the palm of your hand for your home decorating needs.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

  • Be it your living room or bed room, the ideas on this app will transform the look and feel of it. There are many designs and patterns you can get inspired from.

Home Design 3D

  • In this app, you can create your own design using different tools and see if it will work out for your house or not. This gives a 3D perspective of your room.


  • With the MagicPlan, you will never get stuck outside with a piece of furniture that won’t fit through the front door again ever again! This app transforms the meticulous ordeal of mapping out floor plans and taking measurements into an easy process. You can seamlessly compute distances within a space simply by the app analyzing a snapshot. You can annotate photos of your space with the height of the ceiling or the width of the hallway!


  • For those of you with an extensive art collection Curate is the app for you! You no longer have to imagine what your artwork would look like in your new home. This app allows you to virtually display each piece! All you have to do is simply upload a photo of any blank wall and the app will give you a concrete idea as to how it will look there. You can also use the app to browse pieces from your favorite artists and galleries to search for your next statement piece inspiration!


  1. Houzz– This app is amazing! We are even featured on their website! It is the largest database of home design ideas on the Internet and this app allows you to have them all at hand! Inspiration and visuals are very important when creating your dream home. Houzz has the largest possible database of over 50 thousand high-resolution photographs of anything you can think of in a home. Essentially use this App as Pinterest for your home with only the best interior design database there is!
  2. iHandy Carpenter – This is truly a great all-in-one pocket-size tool kit. An essential app used for undertaking any home-improvement task.
  3. Zillow Digs – This cool app was created by Zillow, an online real estate website. Use this app to explore and share stunning interior design photographs with family and friends.
  4. EasyMeasure – This fantastic app allows you to have a tape measure at all times with the touch of a button!
  5. Remodelista – This remarkable app can be used as a trove of inspiration for your interior decorating needs. It will help stimulate your creativity!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these spectacular apps. Now get that downloading started!