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Decorating an old home can be challenging, so today I am going to share with you some tips to help resolve issues with an old home.

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Check out some of the top 5 tips when decorating an old home:

Use drapery to cover obscure windows. Older homes often have eccentric windows in unusual places, but a full wall of drapery can be the perfect way to subtly clean up the look of the room. It will also help avoid completely removing the windows and blocking all light.

Paint the Walls, Ceiling, and Trim One Color. Doing this will help hide any imperfections there may be. The trim of an old house often expressed the character of the room but a simple coat of paint will help highlight these details.

Embrace Simple & Modern Furnishings. Overall, keeping it clean and simple with contemporary furnishings is a good tool for bringing a sense of modern life to a traditional home.

Use Airy Shelving Units. Open and airy étagères (shelving units) are a stylish way to display your valuable collectibles or conversation pieces and of course adds more storage! These open shelves also have a certain gallery-like appeal that fits older homes despite feeling like a modern touch.

Celebrate All Stained Glass. If you’re lucky enough to have beautiful stained glass windows, simple white walls will give them the freedom to act as art and bring a pop of color.