Design and Architecture are essential industries that are very prominent in South Florida.

If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I get excited when I hear about huge new projects coming along to Miami. Currently in Miami there are big talks about bringing the American Dream Mall and Theme Park over to Dade County.

This project will boast tourism and attract more and more people to South Florida. I am excited to share a little more about this with you today!

Real Estate and Luxury Interior Design are two great industries in South Florida that feed off one another. When I hear about projects such as the American Dream Mall I am excited to see where it can go.

Minnesota has the Mall of America, which is a staple to American tourism. Now can you imagine something this big coming to Miami!? Except that the 4 million-square-foot American Dream Miami would be even larger the the Mall of America! This says a lot, being that Minnesota’s Mall of America brings around 40 million visitors per year.

If this proposal passes it would also bring around 25,000 more jobs into South Florida. This is raising a lot of buzz in Miami about what it will bring to community so stay tuned!

Miami-Dade County commissioners are currently in negotiations for this proposal, so keep checking in to see if this project will get the green light!

You can read more about it here.