First impressions are everything when entering a home. From the front door to the foyer, a gracious welcome is a perfect way to greet your guests. The staircase is how to make a true statement of elegance.

There are many ways you can revamp your staircase to create the perfect functional and decorative blend.

Here are some interior design ideas to upgrade your staircase.

Adding a Runner: If you have children or pets adding a runner may be your most brilliant option! A runner can help prevent anyone slipping down and preventing injuries. A runner also reduces the noise levels of your kids running up those stairs. A runner is a great solution for a boisterous home.

Lacquering the Banister: Another bold idea to enhance your staircase is lacquering your banister black or brown. You can also try painting the spindles semi-gloss white. Try a flat or glossy paint depending on the style of your home. This simple trick adds flair to your stairs!

Make Storage: Of course it’s always great to make your home as functional as possible so why not take advantage of your stairs and renovate them to work as storage! You can create bins or drawers that perfectly fit within each step.