Having children will play a large role when decorating your home.

You want to raise your kids in a safe, friendly, clean, and fun environment and there are many factors to consider when making interior design choices.

Today I am going to give you my recommendations and simple ways to create a kid-friendly atmosphere in your home.

Furniture and Storage
Choosing the right home accessories are very important for your child’s safety as well and organization needs. Kids have toys, electronics, dress-up costumes, stuffed animals, and even more toys! Finding the most effective way to store all of these things is very important to keep your home clean and comfortable. Do your homework and invest in something that will work to store your youngster’s toys as well as being useful for other storages for when they grow up! Also if you have little ones in the house be away of sharp edges on any home accessory you are purchasing.

Think Color
A vibrant and inviting space can be easily created by your choice of wall colors. Create a playful environment by choosing a vivacious and welcoming color for your living room and especially in your child’s bedroom. Try a warm yellow or a popping red in your living room. You also want to think about dark colors for rugs because it will be much easier to hide any unwanted stains!

As a parent of course you want to stimulate and inspire your youngsters, so making room for creative space is very important. Have a wall dedicated to painting and drawing by covering the wall with a roll of large drawing paper. This will help to avoid your kids from scribbling and doodling around other walls in your home. Also try painting a section of you wall with black board paint and let your kids have at it!