You have picked your color, painted your walls, and chosen your furniture. Now look up! What’s missing? Your ceiling!

When redecorating a space many people are quick to overlook there ceiling. The ceiling is actually a very important part of a room that deserves just as much attention.

Your ceiling can accentuate the space in many different ways and today I am going to talk to you about a few of them!

Painting Your Ceiling
Try using a color that complements your wall color. Maybe use a shade or two lighter or darker then your walls. This can bring balance and harmony to any room.

Decorative Molding
You can find decorative molding available at a local building supplies warehouse or a specialist-molding supplier. Choose your mold and watch is change the texture and aesthetic to the room. We suggest hiring a contractor when installing.

Wood Plank Ceilings
I would consider installing a wood plank ceiling for a more rustic and country look. In a space with high ceilings plank and groove are elemental options.

Ceiling Tiles and Pressed Ceilings
Ceiling tiles and pressed ceilings are an inexpensive to bring flair to your ceiling. Tin ceiling tiles provide a more lux style. All three options are reasonably simple to install and can disguise a textured ceiling.