Miami is full of unique neighborhoods and historic décor. From the Wynwood Walls to Little Havana there is an amazing architecture and culture.

Today we are going to take you to the beach where the iconic lifeguard towers have been the voice and beacon of the beachscape for years.

Architecture and interior design go hand in hand especially when it comes to Miami. Today I am going to give you an inside look at the transformation of the lifeguard towers over the years and why they are so important to the essence of the city.

Due to temperamental climate being on the Atlantic Ocean, South Florida has taken the brunt of many forceful storms. Miami Beach’s lifeguard towers have suffered as well. Before Hurricane Andrew in 1992 hit, the lifeguard towers were very basic and dull and could easily be from any average beach.

That changed when Miami architect William Lane volunteered to rebuild the destroyed towers into conversation pieces that captured the soul and originality of South Beach and Ocean Drive. After the 2005 Storms, towers by other designers were added to the beach as well to create the artful beach oasis.

These quirky and whimsical towers became a staple of pop culture in Miami Beach. They are a true reflection of the Art Deco history. Susan Russell has beautifully photographed the towers for your coffee table reads in South Beach Lifeguard Stations.

That salty sea air and father time really took a toll on Lane’s towers, but luckily enough the newest structures were upgraded with better connecters, larger decks, stainless steel, and impact windows. They now also rise 8 feet high.

Soon enough we are hoping that even more towers will be updated and replaced with even more spectacular designs that spread joy to visitors from all over the world!

You can read even more about the makeover here.