We pull inspiration everyday from all walks of life to fill your home with a little magic, but today we are going to draw your muse from our very own oasis of Miami.

This summer we are noticing a very popular trend of tropical patterns. We are seeing them in high fashion, accessories and now in your home.

Let’s take this tropical style and showcase ways to blend it in your living space!

Tropical interior design can involve the use of many natural materials, such as wicker, rattan, bamboo and teak. You can also go tropical with fabrics featuring palm leaves, lattice prints and flowers.

Tropical Bedrooms
Who doesn’t want a bright and cheerful tropical bedroom! White walls, a palm leaf fan, and bamboo blinds and furnishings keep the space fresh and breezy.

You can create this look by using palm leaf wallpaper, or green and white lattice-print wallpaper in the bedroom. This green and white theme is the perfect setting for vivid accents in colors like electric blue and sunset orange.

For a sheik take on a tropical bedroom, try a coastal mural in earth tones. Let the light shine through your glass windows and let the rich greenery flood both inside and outside the space.

Tropical Bathrooms
You can also make a bold tropical statement in your bathroom. We see it all the time and there is nothing wrong with a themed bathroom. A modern twist on the tropical theme can include leafy wallpaper, a wooden or bamboo mirror and a cane tissue box cover. Place some yellow calla lilies in a vase and your look is complete!

Don’t forget the more plants the better!

Tropical Kitchens
There can be many different ways you can approach decorating a kitchen. Tropical kitchens often have a lot of rich foliage. This space is also perfect for displaying bowls of delicious fruit. White trim gives your kitchen a punchy edge while your leafy ceramics and bamboo accessories will also standout.

Choose a room and try this look out for the summer!