We have talked to you about bringing the outside in but we haven’t named the design technique. Today we are going to talk to you about the background of interiorscaping and how you can use it as a design tool your home.

When choosing the right plants for your home you have to think about their upkeep and structural size. You also have to incorporate lasting color into you color scheme.

Plants and flowers can bring you a sleek, clean, minimalistic appearance.

Turning parts of your home into a mini-conservatory full of foliage isn’t exactly how interiorscaping works, but finding a fluid connection of plant and furniture is.

Interiorscaping is much more then just purchasing a new houseplant, but making nature blend with your home design interiors.

Timeless classics such as orchids and seasonal plants like poinsettia, kalanchoe and Christmas cactus do not always require soil and extract their nutrients from the air. Succulents are another self-sustainable plant with beautiful different tones and colors.

Interiorscaping the right way can ad a glorious dash of color into your home and help ground you with nature at the same time.