Today I am going to share with you some simple and minimalist ways to decorate your home for spring! Birds in the air a flowers blooming, it’s the time of year to celebrate the season using nature’s colors as inspiration.

Chic Entrance: Make a really bold rug work your entryway. Try keeping the rest of the entryway subdued and this will make that rug pop. This bright rug or runway will look great against a light wood floor.

Copper & Neon:  Scandinavian lifestyle is all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Bring in metals like copper and chrome to work with soft pink. Matching ultra-polished materials with light colors will add a modern, feel-good vibe without an overwhelming industrial look. Suspended lights are also a way to bring in copper and bring space to a room. These light take up zero floor space and make the room more breathable.

Pastel Pouf: Minimalistic decor relies on a few home essentials for character. It’s best to make sure you can mix and match these colors. Pastels are a perfect subtle fit. Poufs and ottomans are the perfect home accessory to express this look. They can be use in multiple ways such as a footstool, seating, and storage. Remember when crafting this look in a room, less is always more.

Navy & Pink: When you have just moved into a new place and designing with your partner opinions may vary. Luckily the Scandinavian minimalism movement is the perfect answer to solve your home design woes. Strong looks like navy blue and rustic materials pair naturally with more feminine accents like pastel pink, rose and gold side furniture. Save some space by putting a bench in front of your bed to create more storage.