We spend a lot of time on this blog exploring what high end interior designers do but haven’t talked as much about who high end interior designers are?

The visibility of interior decoration is at an all time high. Between the popularity of channels like HGTV and the ability of anyone with a computer to start a business, there have never been more people working at the craft of improving the insides of people homes and offices.

This is a good thing. I love to see people’s creativity flower and I love entrepreneurship. I also think there’s room for all different kinds of interior decoration and design.

That said, high end interior designers are a different breed. In fact, an interior decorator isn’t even allowed to call him or herself an interior designer without certain certifications and training.

But it goes beyond that.

High end interior designers have the unique ability to get inside the head of a client and to deliver exactly what they have always imagined luxury to be. High end interior designers have an extensive knowledge and sensitivity to the materials, colors, and fine touches that comprise that luxury. And high end interior designers deliver an experience throughout the process that is as luxurious as the end result.

Being a high end interior designer is no better or worse than being any other kind of interior designer or decorator. It’s just different. Recognizing the differences when deciding who to work with can have a lot to do with whether you end up getting what you want in a home.