One of the reasons we created The Psychology of Design blog was to give you a window into the heads of people who have the wisdom and experience to help you make better high end interior design choices.

Sure, our own premium interior professionals have been blogging like crazy to make this happen, we’ve heard a lot of positive comments about what they’ve published. But despite what we like to tell ourselves, the world doesn’t begin and end with Interiors by Steven G. (well, ok maybe it does, but that’s besides the point).

That’s why lately, we’ve been interviewing some people outside of our firm whose creativity we admire. Other quality interior designers, architects, and real estate-developer-entrepreneurs, but also innovators of all kinds. It’s gone well. So we want to do more of it and need your help.

If you’re a creative artist or business person…or have a connection to one…get in touch. We’d like to have you share your wisdom with our readers, friends, and fans.

To be considered, Email me at or Tweet me at @intbysteveng.