Creating a rich and luxurious home design experience starts with engaging all of ones senses. Today we are going to share with you some unique concepts that will help bring your home to the foreground of sensory satisfaction.

There are all kinds of aroma inspiration. From clean and lemony to spicy and seasonal, the scents are out there. The kitchen commodity, Pam Baking Spray smells so much like freshly baked cookies it puts Yankee Candle to shame. Just spray it on a paper towel and wipe the back edges of your kitchen counter to avoid getting the entire surface greasy.

Textured furniture is one way to increase your homes sensory experience. A velvet chair just may be a perfect fit depending on your design style. Restored wood is always a charming and beautiful way to add texture to any room.

If you have noticed some echoing in a large room and loud sounds are carrying farther then you probably need something to absorb some noise. You can do this with a large area rug or curtains. For your outdoor space the bellow of oversized wind chimes can create relaxing vibes.

A real stunning sight to see when you walk into a room is a bold wall. You can use creative wallpapers or interesting colors. This will boost your home’s entire atmosphere. Light is also an important aspect of your interiors. Natural light is always a positive but a simple fix is to exchange your bulbs for some with a yellow tint.

The next time you hesitate before placing a gorgeous tin of fancy teabags in your shopping cart, think of the investment you’re making in your home. Repeat that thought process any time you see a particularly adorable box of macaroons or an artistically designed cookie tin.

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