Interior design and decoration are popular topics for a reason – the environment we live in touches every other aspect of our lives. Everyone should be able to bring lavishness and elegance into there living space if they want to!

I have scoped out some of the best and affordable ways to give your apartment that upgrade you have been wanting with out breaking the bank!

  1. Replacing your light fixtures can bring real definition and an accent of regality to your home. Take out those old basic ones and get some new metallic sconces.
  2. Why not add attractive vinyl flooring! Pick out a cool texture and grab a friend to help you replace with your old floors with a temporary new ones. Adding large rectangle shapes can look and feel more elegant than squares.
  3. Paint your walls! Try adding a fresh coat of white paint to your bedroom walls to refresh your space. You will be happy to wake up to some clean white walls that pop! Or add a deep red or navy accent wall into your living room.
  4. Update your knobs on those kitchen cabinets! It will add flair and a real upgrade to the kitchen.
  5. While touching up the kitchen you should think about priming and painting the cabinets! This paint job will really transform your kitchen space.