I sometimes forget how lucky we are as interior designers in Miami. Not only is our city in the middle of a creative high end interior design boom…but South Florida is also home to one of our industry’s most important publications.

If you follow interior design, then I don’t have to tell you what Luxe Interiors + Design is. The publication features the most comprehensive collection of luxury homes and high end interior design work out there today.

We are truly fortunate that Luxe Director Susan Perville has taken the time today to take part in our “5 Definitions”series where we ask experts in the interior design world to give their own definitions of 5 important concepts.



An abundance of sumptuous finishes and textures on the furnishings, appointments, textiles and all surfaces in general with-in the environment… then highlighted and accented with romantic lighting to elicit a luxurious experience.


People’s lifestyles are relative to their desires in combination with their daily tasks…everything revolves around their necessary and essential functions and their forms of enjoyment. Each person’s lifestyle reflects their state of mind as well as their sense of style.


Beauty is also completely relative to each person’s sense of imagination relating to form and color…influenced by what you perceive as compelling as it relates to beauty…influenced by what your perceived as comforting and inspirational as a child as well.


Taste is a sense of style that each person develops as they grow…it reflects each person’s sense of themselves…an aesthetic quality that is applied  to whatever you create for yourself and others.

Quality Interior Design

When answering each of the above questions the final key thought is that everything that is designed is relative to each person’s sense of “Luxury”, ”Lifestyle”, “Beauty”, and “Taste”…so with each client is a new and innovative creative experience.

When a design installation is completed all parties involved should feel a sense of satisfaction because “ quality interior design”  encompass all of the above.