Anytime I come across the most current design trends and innovations in the world of interior design I just need to share them with you! Today I would like to share an Elle Décor article with you that discuss some of the biggest global movements in interior design right now.

It is very important to keep yourself informed with the trends of this world. This can help mold and inspire your decorating style.

See the top global trends below…

United State: Striking Light Fixtures
In the U.S. no detail is being over looked and statement lighting is the latest movement. You can swap out your light fixtures for some bold and geometrical ones. Try using elaborate chandeliers and creative floor lamps to really light up a room aesthetically.

Japan: Green Interiors
Traditionally Japanese culture celebrates nature with elaborate gardens. Unfortunately big cities such as Tokyo do not allow enough residence space for a garden, the new green trend is to bring the outside in. You can adopt the green looks with flowers, succulents, foliage and dry flowers.

Spain: Sophistication Meets Youthfulness
The Spaniards are focusing on traditional decorative elements but combining them with playful ceramics and new textiles.

Italy: Industrial Materials
Leather, woods, and stones are being contrasted with strong craftsmanship in Italy. Combining the light of metal and silk are wonderful to touch and appealing to the eye.

Germany: New Elegance
This trend is inspired by Art Deco and uses lavish material like gold, brass, and velvet. Statement pieces go along way to define elegance in a modern style.