In the world of high-end interior design you mustn’t be scared to take risks. Being bold and unique with your décor will fill your home with personalization and style.

Today I am going to share with you ways that using the color black in your home design can create true allure. Just like you have that little black dress in your closet, using black in interior design always works for any occasion or space.

The color black exudes brilliance and sophistication. Even just a touch of black can add intrigue and help fine-tune your decorating scheme. Black brings contrast to any room without clashing, because it matches with everything!

Try adding a black coffee table near your white couch or chairs to bring a real monochromatic edge. Even the small accessories such as black throw pillows or a black rug will help enchant a space.

You can also try using black on your homes architectural elements such as a black fireplace or black moldings.

To great boundless depth in a room try choosing an accent wall to paint black. A black wall off set with a black rug will be sure to make your home accessories and artwork truly stand out.

Try using black in your next decorating challenge!