Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese home decor philosophy. Feng Shui also plays a role in ones prosperity. Today we are going to uncover just how the ancient Chinese art of placement can help you save more, earn more, and just attract positive energy.

The following tips that we collected from Refinery29 are sure to help turn your home into a space that draws in the positive vibes.

Leave the junk out, leaving room to let success in…
Getting rid of clutter can be daunting, but is a must when starting to bring feng shui in your home.  “A well-organized and tidy space aids a calming and relaxing mood in a room,” says Will Taylor, author of the Bright Bazaar blog and the book Dream Decor. “By clearing surfaces and keeping storage solutions — both visible and hidden — in an orderly manner, you’re clearing the mind to focus on everyday tasks.”

Where to start: Start with your kitchen chunk drawer and make your way to your home office. Clearing out the clutter will automatically lift your decorating spirits.

Add a splash of gold…
Gold matches with many material and adds a punch to any space. Gold is a symbol of lavishness and you can use its light-reflective qualities to amplify energy and confidence.

Where to start: Within the practice of feng shui one must put together a “wealth corner.” When choosing where to add your gold, choose the corners either closest to the main door to a room or diagonal from it.

Let It grow…
Letting the outside in your home is a very important part of bringing natural energy into your home. Flowers and plants are a sign of new growth. This can make you see things more positively and bring peace to a space.

Where to start: Choose the room that has the most technology on it, usually it being our living room that contains the TV and computers. Electronics can bring the energy of work, stress, and distraction to any room and plants are the perfect solution to negate that energy and purify the air.