I was trained as a fine arts painter.  As a painter I learned that how colors go together deeply affects the way one feels.  I also learned that artists that used the trendy colors and looks of the day never stood the test of time, no matter how popular they were at the moment.

The same is true for quality interior design.

Why is this?

It was while I was in art school that I first recognized that our modern world is a color controlled world.  I later discovered that it all comes down to marketing.  Why are all the cars red or muted green this year?  Why are so many items of clothing dark brown and dark blue?  Why does the color of the shirt I purchased last year look old?

Believe it or not, it’s all  due to a grand worldwide color and fashion marketing scheme that feeds itself off of its own change.  It is self-perpetuating and it has to be for companies to make back the massive money they spend.

Avocado green appliances?  Avocado cars!  Avocado clothing, carpet, fabrics….!  What was going on in the Seventies? People actually loved the way that stuff looked. Now they mock it.

Trendy colors are a trap.  Most people use them because they subconsciously want everyone else to see that that they are part of the current movement. This is no accident. It’s called branding. The companies that sell these products subtly guide your taste. It happens to all of us.

But beware once you buy into it.  Trends are already on their way out the moment they come in…by design.

You see, most fashion and colors are created by fashion forecasting companies.

When I worked in retail design, I learned that popular fashion and color results from a huge, well coordinated marketing endeavours.

In today’s world, most fashion doesn’t come from some cool kids down the street that show up in coffee shops wearing ethnic accessories.  Even the big time fashion designers are given a general color palate and an outline of the fashion direction for two years down the road.

This phenomenon goes well beyond clothing. The same process holds true for everything that involves color choices, which includes high end interior design.

If you buy fashionable clothing, that’s one thing.  Clothing is relatively inexpensive as compared to quality interior design.

That’s why instead of letting external trends determine which colors you choose, it’s essential to first look inside yourself.

At the core of every person there is a true authentic self that is not influenced by trends or fashions. I always encourage my people choose colors for your home from this place.It’s not always easy. For example, when a color is “not popular”, finding a fabric for your sofa or chair often becomes more difficult and making it all fit together requires more creativity.

It’s well worth it. Because your core is consistent, choosing your colors from that place will make your home timeless rather than trendy.

I would love to hear your thoughts on color trends.  Tell me what you think by posting your opinion in the Comments Section below.