Today’s interior decoration inspiration stems from the renowned model and celebrity, Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was a true beauty and influencer in the midst of 1950’s and early 1960’s American culture.

In the Monroe era everyone knew her or wanted to be her. Her glamorous life style was well known and envied.

I have found one great article that will give you an inside scoop on how Marilyn Monroe’s lifestyle effected her home decorating abilities. You will see how luxury and quaintness meet.

I am going to tell to you about some of the ways Marilyn influenced her own home décor.

Happy Memories – When decorating your own personal space it is important to find relevant nostalgia that can equally match the style of the room and your emotions. It is important to stay true to yourself and keep a piece of your accomplishments or memories on display.

Some of these memories may not be just figures but possibly a set of china that was given to you from someone dear or an antique statement piece item. That chair passed down from you parents or maybe that mirror in your hallway was found or purchased somewhere special.

It is true that as times goes by trends fade and styles change but happy memories last forever. When you can decorate wisely and make the right choices you can create a truly unique and inspiring home. Just take a tip from Marilyn Monroe and cherish the good times and incorporate them in your new space.

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