Today I am going to share with you some young interior designers who are making their way to the top of this high-end industry.

In interior design it is important to think about the future. Design trends and the latest styles are very important to be aware of in this ever-changing market.

Our future generations are very important to me as well as the high-end interior design world. We have absolutely raised the bar for these youngsters to follow and I am proud to say there are so many unique individuals out there making a real splash with their interior decorating abilities.

Have a look at the top 5 young interiors designers!

1. Lilly Bunn – Sophisticated and cheerful best describes Lilly’s work. She has a background in fashion but opened up her own studio in New York City in 2009.

2.  Young Huh – This NYC based law school graduate has proven herself to be a very versatile interior designer. Exploring new textures and pieces in her compositions, Young’s décor style is chic, classic, has an eye for detail.

3. Patrick Mele – This architecture and art history student can define his decorating style as bold and unique.  Patrick has worked for international clients but is New York based.

4. Benjamin Vandiver – Refined and high end but with a natural look; this young interior designer knows how to bring a rich aesthetic together. Benjamin works on many projects nationally and is gaining more and more to work on.

5. Samuel Amoia – Samuel has worked on many international projects and has worked with major fashion magazines. He has a passion for Parisian Art Deco design style, which you can see through his works.

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