Valentine’s Day is around the corner so I thought that I would share with you what the color of love means for interior design!

Red is the color that represents Valentine’s Day because of the passion and feeling that it evokes. Red has both sentimental and fiery representation.

Now I am going to show you a few fun ways to bring the inspiration of ‘red’ into your space!

Painting the exterior front door of your home or apartment red will give off very warm and welcoming vibes. It will entice visitors and your guests to come inside.

Try painting an accent wall red in your living room to create contrast and lead guests in. A red accent wall can provide a joyful and vibrant backdrop as well as a focal point to any room.

Another way to bring a glimpse of red into your home is through accessories. Try adding an area rug with an interesting red pattern. This will help define a space and introduce a decorative flair.

Last but not least you can bring a flash of red into your home with furniture of course! Add a red high gloss finish to those kitchen chairs, or place a red velvet love seat to your living room. Either way you will be bringing the romanticism and excitement into your home.

Read about more ways to decoratively add red to your home.

Remember spend time with your loved ones on this Valentine’s Day!