In the world of high-end interior design there are so many unique ways to decorate a space. It is important to show off that hard work so why not take beautiful photographs of your home renovations or new luxury designs!

Social Media has given us a way to share our treasures with friends. Were seeing more and more famous social media accounts expressing there interior design choices on Instagram. On Instagram you can truly depict your interior design in a stunning way.

Today I am going to share with you tips on how to market and display your work and get that instant Instagram picture perfect.

Color Co-ordination
Renovate your rooms with color! Dark walls are a bold move, but offset these with lighter floors and a cool color scheme.

Choosing a color to paint your walls is always a difficult decision to make but fun at the same time. Working with neutral color palette gives you a lot of leeway to change your décor up a lot. Keeping it white is clean and simple and you can always change things up. Now you are on your way to a picture perfect space.

Be Clutter-Free
The most important thing to do before taking your photo is to clear out the clutter. You don’t have to make the picture look staged but tidying up makes a huge difference in your photo.

Keep your trinkets concealed and let the organizing begin! Instead of cluttering your space with random loose objects, find a vessel and keep things tidy. Fresh flowers always make a splash to replace the clutter with foliage.

Search for the perfect focal point in your room and avoid any chaos. Simple is smart and will guarantee you a nice clean shot. Frame your shot and remove a few accessories before you finalize the space. You can create a true visual interest when carefully placing your home accessories and furniture in the background.

Follow Your Art
Empty walls can come off plain and boring. We suggest finding the right artwork that matches your taste and your color scheme. Create a statement piece above your couch or share your precious memories and photographs in the living room.  Fine art will take your space to the next level and will be sure to set you apart on Instagram.

Get the lighting right
Lighting is key to a perfect picture sometime you need to find the right ways to brighten up a darker room. Natural light can change a photo completely. Pay attention to when and where there sun draws the most light into your home and that how you’ll know when to snap!

You will find the perfect balance of natural and inside lighting and you wont want to put the camera down!

Apps really make a difference
There is a huge difference between taking a photo with the basic camera app that comes with an iPhone or Android versus one of the many excellent photography and interior design apps available in the App Store. The most solid app choices are VSCO Cam and Camera+. These apps give you so many options and filters to play with. You can just throw on a filter and like that your picture is ready to post!


Miami is filled with so many marvelous spectacles it is hard to sum it all up. Luckily you have us to do it for you! Between the clubs, beaches, and endless weekends on the water, Miami is the city where luxury meets design.

See the top 5 most instagrammed places in Miami!

  1. Wynwood Walls
    The most interesting and thought-provoking art is all over Miami. Luckily you can see a lot of it all in one place! 
  2. AmericanAirlines Arena
    Sports are the heartbeat here in Miami. Of course the fans parade to the stadium when watching the starts on the court. 
  3. Miami International Airport
    There’s only one way in and it’s an architecturally sound place to start. 
  4. Marlins Park
    A classic staple of Miami always there to capture. 
  5. Fontainebleau Hotel
    One of the most fabulous resorts on the beach! Everyone needs to check this place out when in Miami.


I like to keep my blog as a universal hub for your interior design inspiration and needs so why not share with you some of the most incredible and influential bloggers on social media!

Here are some of my favorite Instagrammer’s that create a unique style and inspirational view of interior design.

Here we source out the best of the best so that you don’t have to! So please enjoy some of these top tier Instagram feeds to help bring you even more adventure and passion for interior design.

  • @sfgirlbybay – Learn how to play with elegantly placed and electric pops of color in your decorating scape.
  • @myscandinavianhome – Classic European style meets contemporary sheik on this bloggers Instagram feed.
  • @aphrochic – Watch as this Brooklynite combines styles and creates a urban sophisticated interior design look and feel.
  • @nickolsenstyle – This Instagram feed will bring you daring textiles, extraordinary colors, and statement-piece furniture. This blog enraptures a lavish and exuberant aesthetic.
  • @benjaminvandiver – This Nashville native has created a minimalist mood board of soft, clean, and inviting interior designs.

For more fabulous Interior Design Instagram’s check out Refinery29 and Harper’s Bazaar blog posts.

Remember of course to follow @InteriorsByStevenG.