For those of you who drop by often, you probably know that I regularly sing the praises of high end interior design blog Quintessence. Stacey Bewkes and her crew have a knack for pairing the most stylish images with some of the most insightful commentary about the premium interior design world.

Well, they have truly outdone themselves this time.

The folks at Quintessence have just launched their brand new “International House Guest” video series, and it’s a real winner.

The first episode is hosted by high end interior design expert Susanna Salk, who receives a personal invitation from designer and author Timothy Corrigan to his restored Chateau du Grand-Luce.

You’ve got to watch this video if you want to find out what true luxury means. As Timothy says, “any home can be the coziest of homes, it really is all about making it a place of comfort.