I love being an interior designer. And believe it or not, one of the things I like best is helping my clients with the stress and indecision they feel when they enter this scary new world of redesigning a home.

I grew up in Jamaica, and I think that has helped me play that role well. As a rule, we never think anything is a real problem. We tend to think we can work things out as long as we keep the right attitude.

Our most famous native son, Bob Marley, had this attitude and shared it around the world. If you’re making interior design decisions, you can learn a lot from this reggae superstar.


One of the first things you have to do when starting any quality interior design project is take the floor plan you have and match it with the right furniture, fabric, and lighting. Making these decisions can be stressful and challenging because you’ll literally have to live with the result.

In one of his most famous songs, Bob Marley asks the question, “Is This Love?” You need to do the same. After you’ve given your interior deign a whole long of thought and have gone through all the options, you need to trust in your feelings.

For example, If you make a “Pros” and “Cons” list and still feel sad when one of the decisions has more on the “Pros” side, trust your gut and go with the “Cons”. Because what that’s telling you is that it is love after all.


While peaceful is nice, even the most high end interior designs need a bit of spice to get you excited about walking into your home. In his song “Stir It Up”, Bob Marley mixed his mellow rhythms with the mention that you sometimes have to take a stand and do something controversial. You should do the same.

For example, if you have a contemporary high end interior design look going, introduce one or two classic antiques. Sure, the rulebook may say it doesn’t “fit” but that’s exactly what’s great about it.

Sometimes just knowing you can break the rules can take a huge weight off your shoulders.


Your home is important and so is your interior design, but the truth is that any decision can be changed in the long run. It’s not life or death. So make some decisions, have fun with it, and just go for it. As Bob Marley said, everything is gonna be alright.