If you have ever had a home, apartment, or even a college dorm room, you have all experienced the enjoyment of decorating your interiors. Interior Designing can be exciting and at times challenging.

If you ever found yourself in an interior-designing catastrophe then this is the blog to read! On my blog we don’t only keep you updated on design trends and the arts and culture of Miami, we are here to help!

Today I am going to share with you some of the best and simple tricks to rescue you from common interior design challenges. Take a look!

1. Worn-down Furniture Woes
When you have had some of your furniture for a while it can begin to look a bit haggard, but do not throw it out! There are easy ways to rescue and restore, such as a fresh coat of paint. Before you repaint your furniture make sure that you remove all of the hardware. Then you want to sandpaper down all surfaces then add your primer. Make sure to use a smaller brush when painting spindles or legs of the furniture. This simple fix can make an old dusty chair look brand new!

2. Warped Flooring
Over time with the many different guests and previous owners of the house, your floors can take a beating from the many decorating changes. Real wood floors need extra protection. If your floors haven’t gotten the proper attention they can get warped from spillage. When wood floors respond to changing temperatures or humidity, warping will occur. A solution to this problem would be filing a floor with latex. Latex floor filler is suitable for gaps up to ¼ inch wide.

3. That Paint Job Just Isn’t Working
You chose you’re your color, added a swatch, painted the wall, and you have a completely different color! This is a common issue with interior decorating novices. The solution is to step away from the paintbrush and look at it with fresh eyes the next day. The color can either grow on you but if it is still not the look you want it is possible to layer a color on top to fix it. If this trick doesn’t do it for you the best suggestion is to paint your walls back to white. Use your colorful home ornamentations or statement wall art to truly stand out and define the room.

4. Ridding Stains For Good
You have finally put a new coat of paint on those walls and you are so happy with the outcome, but then you notice that your carpet has really took a beating after all your hard work. If the paint is still wet on your carpet do not scrub it! Simply blot with a wet paper towel. If the paint is dry, use hot water and a dash of dish detergent. Let this mixture sit for a few minutes to loosen the paint. Once the paint has softened you can use a knife to scrape the paint right off. Continue to add more solution as you scrape. There you have it, paint stains disappear!

5. Call the High End Interior Design Experts!!!
If you want something done right you simply must call the best. Our high-end team of experienced interior designers can transform your home into a fabulous abode. The team will work with your needs and take the time to listen and plan your dream home. From South Florida to New York City, Interiors by Steven G. are here to help. But best of all, we do all the elbow work, so you don’t have to.