There are many opinions in the world of interior design and I am here to scope out the best and enlighten you with some professional wisdom. High-end interior design can be found everywhere from pop culture to printed materials.

Week by week I love providing you with information regarding various projects to work out in your home. We are going to be taking you to the kitchen today. The kitchen is one of the most important living spaces of a home.

Today I am going to share with you some home decorating tips for your kitchen from American interior designer, author, and TV Personality Nate Berkus.

Here are Nate’s best tips for updating your kitchen this summer…

Make The Investment
For a refined and timeless aesthetic think oak cabinets, parquet floors, and brass hardware. Sometimes it’s the best idea to splurge when it comes to your kitchen “Updating old, worn-out appliances will automatically make a kitchen feel more modern,” he says. “Always reach for the best you can afford because you want them to go the distance.”

Update a Few Small Details
When it comes to updating your home for the summer, it’s easy to just grab a few fun home accessories to brighten up your living room, but this will not work if you are looking to update the kitchen. “Maybe it’s as simple as cleaning out your cupboards and repainting your cabinetry,” says Berkus.

Add Your Very Own Personal Touch
Berkus says the key to making your kitchen look good is incorporating your own lifestyle. “You need your kitchen to be hardworking but also personal,” he says. “What elements can you add that will reflect who you are, how you like to live?”

Remember, Classic Simplicity Will Always Look Good
For timeless kitchen quality keep the design simple. “Things like the sleek, flat-door design you see in the refrigerator to the finishes of the range and microwave—every detail was considered and the goal was always, ‘How do we make these appliances look good, not just right now, but 10 years from now?’” he says.