Today we are going to take you across the pond for some royal inspiration. We are going to show you the extravagance and elegance of the Queen’s palace. The best room in your home to add a regal touch in the bedroom!

In 1993, when Buckingham Palace first opened its doors to the public, it attracted crowds from across the world anxious to see where Her Majesty The Queen lives. Thousands of visitors line up year after year to gaze in astonishment at this masterwork of extravagance.

The palace’s ornate architectural history can be traced back to the early 17th century, but it was not until the reign of George IV that it began to transform into the opulent showpiece we know today. Regency architect John Nash was put in charge of designing the new property, adding the grand staircase with its dazzling gilt-bronze foliate balustrades. From the majestic, marble columns in the impressive entrance to the acres of green – emerald silk walls, porcelain and jade upholstery – in one of the drawing rooms, Nash transformed the palace into an archetype for luxury that continues to inspire designers the world over.

Although not everyone can afford these luxuries we can all borrow a bit of its glamour. You can try this by mixing and matching pieces that are old and new. You can always add a touch of gold to a room to glamorize it a bit.

You can add priceless art and antiques to up the lux-decor in your living room or try it in the dining room.

There is tremendous history in the Palace’s design and architecture and you will find amazing inspiration from the Queen!