Home renovation can be very exciting and rewarding, however it can also be very overwhelming. Too help avoid a stressful experience we have sourced 5 tips to help you get through the process in one piece!

1. It’s all about the Benjamin’s!
When starting your renovation it is important to determine your initial budget. After you have fully mapped out and defined your budget you should add an extra 15% as a contingency. There are always problems that can arise when renovating, so the extra cash will definitely come in handy! Always check in with contractors to make sure you are on track financially to avoid any hiccups.

2. Staying or selling?
Before you start making any big changes it is important to decide whether or not you’re going to live in the property afterwards, renting it out, or selling it. Making this decision early on helps guide renovation choices such as choosing finishes, picking color and design schemes, as well as structural layouts.

3. #Goals
To help achieve your home goals and make your dreams a reality, start off with compiling your inspirational ideas. Pinning your ideas onto a Pinterest board is at least a starting place to get the creative juices flowing. Once your ideas are intact is it smart to renovate each plot in stages to keep on track with your budget.

4. What your design style?
After solidifying your goals and interior inspiration you can then carve out your very own design style. If the property is going to be your home, feel free to be bold about your paint swatches and furniture choices. If you decide that you are going to put the property on the market then you are better off opting for neutral finishes.

5. Work work work work work!
One question you must ask yourself is once your planning is set is what part of the renovation process are you actually going to do on your own.

If you enjoy the dirty work, you could roll up your sleeves and save some money. Try and be honest with yourself and what level of demand this renovation is. To save the agony and stress, have the interior design professionals step in and work with you. Professional advice will save you from future headaches of this project.