For today’s high-end interior design inspiration we are going to talk about the wonders of reclaimed materials.

Sometimes the most prized elements of your interior accessories are right under your nose. Through out your life you don’t even realize what antiques and furniture pieces you even have, especially within older homes.

We are going to take you through how to restore the right ones!

See how to express yourself and bring personality into your home through reclaimed materials.

Find stained glass windows at any fair or flea market and repurpose them to instantly uplift a room.

Repurpose old pieces of furniture to create new pieces. Take old piano legs and use them for a coffee table or take sides of a cabinet to create a paneled wall.

Old ceramic tiles can reflect a certain time period, you can piece them together to create a mosaic looking backsplash in your kitchen or surrounding your fireplace.

Reclaimed wood is special and can fill many interior-decorating roles. Check out these creative ideas here.

You can always bring the outside in by taking pieces of brick or would and affixed them to you internal walls. This will create a rustic and fairytale-like ambience.