There has been a tremendous amount of growth in Miami over the past decade bringing more and more people to this coastal city. Many neighborhoods have changed completely, are have communities growing rapidly.

One neighborhood in particular has done a total 180 and has transformed and blossomed overnight. Wynwood, once filled with old empty warehouses, has been gaining numerous shops, restaurants, and art galleries.

Wynwood has gained international recognition from its renowned street art and is not getting the attention of South Florida Investors. Let’s dive into this revitalization of one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Miami.

The Wynwood Neighborhood Revitalization District plan is coming in full force and would encourage the preservation of signature warehouses while allowing greater residential possibilities. Greater residential density would create more properties with taller buildings and make housing more affordable.

We are excited and proud that the City of Miami Commission has approved this revitalization plan for Wynwood and we cannot wait to see what more will come from this!

You can read even more about it here.