Interior design is an art form that combines creativity, aesthetics, and functionality. Like many other artists, interior designers often get their ideas from various sources. Interiors by Steven G. is a design firm with experienced interior designers South Florida residents can trust. Here are some of the ways that our designers get their inspiration and design ideas:


Nature’s colors, patterns, and textures can be a source of inspiration for interior designers. Designers may become inspired when admiring a blooming garden or noticing the calming colors and textures of the ocean. These same colors and textures can be incorporated into an interior design plan that elicits the same feelings. If a specific place or natural phenomenon inspires you, describe it to your interior designer. They may be able to pull inspiration from its features and incorporate it into your space.


Exploring different locations and seeing new cultures can inspire interior designers. Many countries have specific design styles, such as minimalist Scandinavian interiors or the elegant, traditional Victorian style found in historical regions of England. Various aspects of the natural environment found in specific areas of the world can also influence and inspire interior designs. 

Art & Architecture

Designers may find inspiration in the colors of a painting, the lines of a sculpture, or the structure of a specific building. The decor elements, uses of natural light, and physical layouts of historical and modern buildings and art pieces may influence a designer. If you have a favorite artist, art movement, or architecture style, communicate this to your designer, as they can take this inspiration and incorporate it into your space.

Other Designers

Some designers are inspired by other designers and their work. A good designer won’t copy someone else’s style entirely but may draw inspiration and add similar elements to their spaces. Drawing inspiration from other designers can also help make sure that the spaces a designer creates are on trend. This prevents outdated designs and allows designers to blend current trends with their clients’ style preferences.


Most designers consider their clients’ personalities and tastes when designing a space. The main styles designers at Interiors by Steven G. use are contemporary, traditional, and transitional. You can work with your designer to blend different styles and elements to create something that feels authentic to you. If you cannot decide on a specific style, browse our design portfolio for inspiration. Let your designer know which spaces you liked and what exactly you liked about them so they can begin crafting a unique design.


Historical events and different design styles from various periods can inspire designers to create something modern that incorporates history. Historical periods can provide designers with many styles and ideas to incorporate into their designs. They can look to these periods and incorporate elements of the styles into their current design. This can look like combining mid-century modern design and vintage pieces in one space. A blend of modern and historic design choices helps give your interior a timeless, classic feel.

Personal Preferences

Personal states and experiences can inspire a designer’s work. This can range from their favorite color palettes from when they were young to design elements they love and have added to their own home or other spaces. Exploring design styles and life experiences can help an interior designer continue to improve their work and find new inspiration.


When creating an interior design for a client, designers focus on functionality and aesthetics. Because the client must live in or use the space, the designs should promote accessibility and functionality. Our designers can add elements that make your home more comfortable. We do this by including furniture pieces you’ll enjoy using and design elements that improve your quality of life. If you have any specific accessibility or functionality requests, ask your interior designer how they can incorporate them into the design.


Some designers will collaborate with other designers to find inspiration and ideas for a space they are designing. Collaboration may help designers think of new ideas and inspire them to incorporate unique elements or trends they hadn’t considered before. Working with other designers allows designers to get multiple opinions on their designs. At Interiors by Steven G, we have more than 85 interior design professionals who can collaborate to enhance your project’s plans. 

Interior Designers South Florida Residents Trust

Some of the top interior designers South Florida has to offer can be found at Interiors by Steven G. Schedule a visit to our 110,000-square-foot interior design showroom, where we can show you the elements that can be added to your space. We specialize in luxury interior design and have designed spaces for private residences and public buildings such as restaurants and hotels. Contact us today to learn more about how we can design a space based on your needs and preferences.