Grant Cardone nails it once again.

Ever since he moved to Miami and approached us about doing the interior design and decoration for his new home, we immediately hit it off and became fast friends.

Besides the fact that I just like the guy, he’s one of the smartest voices out there on the science of success. What he talks about applies to every area where it’s important to shine, and high end interior design is no exception.

In his latest blog post, Grant talks about the worry people have that technology will take away service jobs. But really, it’s lackluster, couldn’t-care-less service that’s in danger.

No machine can ever replace the distinctly human ability to go the extra ten miles.

That’s always been my philosophy of interior design. While Autocad and whatever interior design apps and machines are on the horizon are eliminating some functions performed in our world, truly high end interior design is based on the care that only a living, breathing craftsperson can provide.

Just the way I like it.