One of the most popular features on our blog is our DesignTV With Steven G. video series where I make a fool out of myself for the greater purpose of teaching you a thing or two about high end interior design.

It was hard for me to pick which of these are my favorites (maybe because I love the sound of my own voice so much), but after much consideration…here are my top 5 picks.

If you’re new to the series, this is a great place to start. If you’ve been a fan for awhile, here’s a great place to relive the memories.

1. The Art of Mel Bochner

These days Art Basel is not just an event attended by artists and art fans; all the Miami interior designers are there too. It’s a pleasure to be able to find some of the world’s best art right in our backyard. Here’s where I talk about my love for my most recent find, artist Mel Bochner.

2. Steven G. Talks Furniture and Gets Comfortable

Find me in my natural environment as I talk about the power of great furniture in high end interior design.

3. Make Your Own Pop Art

How to get that pop art look without paying Andy Warhol prices.

4. Art Deco Love

If you have anything to do with Miami interior design, you can’t avoid  the Art Deco look. Here’s why you should never have to.

5. The Crocodile Hunter

In Miami we may not have crocodiles, but we do have alligators. Enough said.

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