After graduating college and locking down your first job there is one huge step onward toward adulthood. That big step is getting your first apartment.

Previously we have blogged about planning out your first apartment as a couple but now we are going to talk about decorating your very own place.

Whether you have a roommate or are living on your own, moving into your own place is a big deal that can come at a high price. Check out these budget friendly tips to make your first apartment décor affordable and fun.

Ask your family and relatives if they have any old furniture in storage. You might stumble upon some great antiques that are sturdy and durable. They may be a bit aged but you can use this to your advantage to build a rustic aesthetic in any room.

If you are tired of looking at your bare white walls, and don’t feel your dorm room posters are making the cut to your adult life then you should take a look at these affordable art websites! Some rented apartments don’t allow renters to paint any walls, so think about interesting decals and funky tapestries.

There are a million do it yourself resources out there you just have to find the right ones! Try using Pinterest for affordable and manageable projects. You can also find unique ways to use your space and create storage.