I love sharing the latest trends and creative initiatives in the interior design space, but today I am going to share the opposite. Trends come and go so often through out the years that sometimes it can be easy to forget when a trend has officially ended.

Look back at the days when carpeted walls, spa baths and waterbeds were loved. These trends faded and the designs were changed. Today I am going to share with you which trends are on their way out!

European-style laundry
A lot of homes already have a traditional-style laundry room installed. Homeowners want to avoid wasting space, so they convert it to European-style. This however comes as a shortfall. Without the ability to have storage in your laundry, somewhere to have your dirty clothes, ironing board and ironed clothes can create clutter in your home. We like to keep things clean and simple, so out with the trend and let’s back to basics.

Hexagon tile
In 2015 the hexagon shaped tile was everything, from fun, to form fitting, it was a hot trend of the year. Now the overuse of the hexagon has really dated this trend fast. Too much tiles should be avoid and simple is smart. Hot tip, keep any tiling in the kitchen and bathrooms.

In-wall coffee machine
There is a definite trend of concealing appliances in order to streamline a kitchen, but not all appliances look great tucked away. Expose that coffee or espresso machine and be proud to start brewing. Away goes the trend of in-wall coffee machines!