There are lots of neat tricks to make a room look bigger than it actually is. Today I am going to give you a refresher on just exactly you can make any space look larger than life! From cozy apartments to entranceways, use these tips anywhere to make the most of what you have.

  1. Choosing the perfect rug can be difficult, but when trying to make a room look larger always choose the lighter colored area rugs to help open up the space.
  2. Use home accessories to draw your gaze up high. To take advantage of the height of a room accessorize with tall floor lamps, bookshelves, and artwork as a few examples!
  3. Large mirrors will help reflect light, giving the illusion of more space. So find the right space in the room and look for a beautiful mirror that fits your design style.
  4. It is important to get out you measuring tape and choose furniture that is the correct scale for the room. This will help you avoid buying furniture that is too large for a space, which could shrink the room.
  5. Brighten up your room with light paint colors on your walls. Avoiding accent walls and keeping the room all the same light color allows there to be not visual breaks so you can focus on the brevity of the space.