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What are the Top Qualities of Luxury Interior Design?

Whether you are designing a living room, office space, or the lobby of a five-star hotel, you want to create a feeling of luxury for guests, visitors, and yourself! Luxury interior design is the result of careful consideration of the space and the people who will enjoy it. Interiors by Steven G has been creating that environment for our clients for more than 35 years.

Livable Luxury Interiors

The first step in creating a luxurious space is to consider the floor plan. Luxury is as much about creating a timelessly functional space as it is about the aesthetic


that space. Each piece that is placed in that room is part of a complete plan. You want it to advance the overall design style of its surroundings.

Furnishings should be durable as well as elegant. Lighting should be practical and stylish. We look beyond how the room appears to how it functions, for the sake of the owner and guests. Luxury is a feeling that design helps to create for everyone who enters the space.

Pay Attention to the Details

Once you review how you will use the space, the next step is to consider all the details. One of the most important qualities of luxury interior design is that everything looks good together. You don’t just pick out a couch you like and a piece of art that captures your attention. You think about how those two pieces and everything else in the room work together.

Here at Interiors by Steven G, we offer first-class designer lines with products stored in our 110,000-square-foot showroom. You can see how certain pieces work together, knowing that everything we have is high-quality.

Work With an Experienced Designer

For a luxury interior design that works for your space, you will want to partner with an experienced designer. They can capture your vision for the space and bring it to life with the right pieces. We at Interiors by Steven G will present the best options for furniture, lighting, décor, fabrics, and greenery along with other accessories, according to your guidelines.

A designer will begin by learning your personal design style or what you want for your space. It may be contemporary, which is a blend of modern and traditional. Or perhaps you prefer the darker colors of traditional design. The transitional design offers neutrals with a mix of traditional and contemporary. If you aren’t sure of the direction you want to go, our designers will show you some of our previous work to inspire you.

Begin With a Focal Point

If you look at all our rooms, you will find the one area or one design element that draws your attention. A focal point can be a piece of art, furnishings, a light fixture, or a combination of design elements. Every item you choose should help draw your attention to the focal point.

Pieces don’t need to match exactly, as that can result in a boring space. Everything in the room should complement each other for a relaxing and cohesive vibe. Each item should have a reason to be included, whether it is for function or to enhance the visual of the atmosphere.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Design

Luxury isn’t boring. You don’t need to stick with what’s popular or what has always been done. You can customize the space to suit your personality! Try an unexpected pop of color or a distinct art piece. Make a statement with a wall mural or by using edgy fabrics.

When you work with our designers, they will help you decide on how to best customize your space. We go with you step by step through the process to create and renovate your room. Once we have completed the idea, you will see a detailed sketch or rendering of the custom space that you can approve or request alterations on.

Trust the Experts for Luxury Interior Design

Designing the perfect space can be intimidating— there is a pressure for perfection that may inhibit you from making decisions or feeling confident in them. However, with the help of an expert designer who understands luxury, you can create a space you will love! The results are worth the effort, whether you’re inviting friends over for dinner or bringing clients to a conference room for a meeting. You want to choose interior designers who can help you convey luxury with your own personal style and personality.

As one of the top interior design firms in the country, our team members will help you achieve your goals for your residential or commercial space, delivering the luxury you want! Let us help you bring your vision to life with luxury interior design that captivates and excites you. Contact us today to find out how Interiors by Steven G can help you with your project.

Ways Interior Designers Can Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic

There are many options for renovating residential spaces, from new paint, furniture, curtains, wall décor, and rugs. Interior designers South Florida can transform the space to increase its convenience and functionality. At Interiors by Steven G, we focus on luxury designs to bring your vision to life. Here are some ways that interior designers can improve your home’s aesthetic:


Furniture determines how you should use the space and the activities that will take place there. Interior designers use built-in, ready-made, custom-designed, or existing furniture to transform spaces.

Designers will consider your style to get an idea of the type of furniture you’d like and one that will blend well in your home. Furniture that fits a room well will make the space feel and look bigger than it is.

Interiors by Steven G will identify furniture of the right size, theme, and texture that will match the space where they should be located. We will consider your floor plan and the color of the walls, floor, and ceiling to identify the best furniture for your home.


Good lighting sets the ambiance and improves the mood in defined spaces like dining and living rooms or kitchens, especially in open-concept layouts. There are endless options for functional, fun lighting.

Lighting includes recessed fixtures, pendants, ceiling lighting, lamps, wall sconces, and more. Interior designers can identify which type of lighting matches well in each room.

We will select the right shade for every fixture in your home and work with you to identify lighting fixtures that you will love in your space.


Your home should reflect who you are. The best interior designer will look around your home to identify fabrics and colors reflected in your decorating style. This will help them find décor that resonates with you and makes the space look more appealing.

Interior designers use artwork that matches the patterns and colors of your home. They choose accessories and furnishings that complement the artwork’s structure to achieve maximum aesthetic decor effect. Décor can be in the form of clocks, table lamps, cushions, candles, vases, books, photo frames, and more.

Interiors by Steven G will analyze the floor plan before starting your interior design project. Steven G understands that good decor should reflect your lifestyle, passions, and personality.


A touch of greenery in your home can liven the atmosphere and bring a sense of calm and peace. Some plants grow too large, and others are toxic or need a specific blend to thrive.

An interior designer will help you identify plants that are right for your space and enhance your home’s aesthetics. They know how to choose different plants for each room. Orchids and anthuriums don’t require direct sunlight and thrive on humidity, so they grow well in bathrooms.

Steven G’s interior will brighten your home by adding the right greenery to your space. We will identify plants that fit your lifestyle and needs.

Hire the Best Interior Designers South Florida

Find interior designers South Florida who can unlock the full potential of your home, practically and aesthetically. Interiors by Steven G will work with you from start to finish and make sure the results exceed your expectations.

We pride ourselves in versatility. Our in-house, full-service interior design team can turn your dream into reality. Contact us for details on how we can improve your home’s aesthetics.

5 Benefits of Luxury Interior Design

Investing in your home’s interior design can help increase property value. Many people opt for low-cost fittings and furniture to save money, but they sometimes compromise on quality. Look for luxury interior design since it offers better value for money and transforms your home beyond imagination. Interiors by Steven G (IBSG) highlights five benefits of luxury interior design:

1.      Better Comfort

Luxurious living is attainable through a luxury design. Interiors by Steven G (IBSG) experts help you choose luxury furniture offering an unmatched level of comfort.

Luxury furniture comes in ergonomic designs, influencing the position of your body when relaxing. The high-quality material on such furniture often feels smooth and easy on your skin. This can improve the comfort level you experience at home and your overall quality of life.

2.      Durability

Luxurious fabric, lighting, and décor can be expensive, but the price tag is reflected in the quality. These items often come in high-quality material, offering you value for money. Lower-cost items can often compromise on quality, which affects durability.

Our experts only go for premium quality fixtures when designing your luxury home. We work with the best suppliers to make sure your fittings can withstand wear and tear. Top-quality items serve you for a long, reducing the need for constant repair and replacement.

3.      Customizable to Fit Tastes

Many homeowners settle for basic items when designing their home’s interior. It may be harder to maintain a consistent theme or design throughout the home. High-end designs allow you to customize fixtures and fittings to match your tastes and preferences.

Our experts help you get tailored products to deliver the design exactly how you envisioned it. Designers get the chance to get creative, leaving you with outstanding designs. Having one-of-a-kind items at home alongside statement pieces in your design can increase the value and unique design.

4.      Timeless

Trends come and go, so buying in-style items can lead to a financial loss. High-end luxury items are timeless and limited to a select few.

We focus on items that will outlast trends at Interiors by Steven G (IBSG). Such luxury items make your home seem in style over time while maintaining value. We recommend classic designs that maintain elegance for years to come.

5.      Sustainable

Your choice of furniture and fittings for your design determines the environmental impact your remodeling project can have on the environment. Go for design items that are sustainable.

Our experts recommend the best quality items that can last to reduce your carbon footprint. These products do not have to be replaced often, so no items will go into landfills for a long time. We can incorporate items from brands aware of sustainability concerns during manufacture.

Work With the Best Luxury Interior Design Experts

Luxury living is the aim of many homeowners, so they should focus on luxury interior designs when remodeling their homes. Interiors by Steven G (IBSG) is your trusted luxury designer in Pompano Beach, FL. We specialize in designing the interior of luxury spaces like homes, condos, hotels, and offices. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What to Know Before Working With Interior Designers

Home renovation can be an exciting project, but it comes with challenges that may require expert help. Your project’s results are as good as the interior designers you hire. The best interior designers in South Florida can handle the project to deliver the results you envisioned. Interiors by Steven G (IBSG) highlights things to know when working with interior designers.

Consult Before Starting the Project

High-end interior design firms offer pre-consultations for all clients to walk them through the whole process and what they do. A consultation will help cultivate the right relationship between interior designers and clients, setting a precedent for the entire project.

At Interiors by Steven G (IBSG), we help you deal with any myths or misunderstandings surrounding luxury renovations. Some clients believe great themes and well-coordinated home designs will look like professional work. In truth, our experts create beautiful interiors to embody your lifestyle and character. The consultation process allows us to gather enough information to help bring the whole design together effortlessly and make it look natural.

Learn About the Services Offered

Interior design projects involve multiple services, which help the whole project come together. Designers offer numerous services, saving you the time you would use hiring individual experts for specific areas of the projects. Depending on the project’s structure, your designer can be flexible and meet all the needs satisfactorily.

Interiors by Steven G (IBSG) is a full-service interior design firm offering services including:

  • Site assessment and measurement
  • Design consultation
  • Space planning
  • Design concepts
  • Project management
  • Presentations of progress and phases (including samples, 3d renderings, elevations, and floorplans)

By handling your project from start to finish, we help you avoid the hassle of hiring additional contractors. We care for your needs and get an end product that reflects what you want.

Establish a Direct Point of Contact

Interior design firms can sometimes handle multiple projects simultaneously to cater to the wide demand base. If you have any questions or concerns, you need a specific expert you can speak to within the company.

Interiors by Steven G (IBSG) allocates your project to a dedicated team with a specific hierarchy. This means you will know who to contact, and they will have all the relevant information about your project. Our experts operate as a close-knit team, so you will have access to help from our in-house experts. IBSG’s experts also speak fluent Spanish, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Lithuanian, Uzbek, Portuguese, and Filipino, guaranteeing one-on-one help even if you don’t understand English.

Have a Preferred Interior Design Style

Designers keep an open mind when working with a new client since each has their preferred design style. Your designer will also have a preferred technique for handling projects and making them identifiable among their works. Some designers can focus on monolithic designs; others love to utilize statement pieces on a budget.

Interiors by Steven G (IBSG) focuses on luxury interior design for clients interested in luxurious living. We have partnered with institutions that offer the best quality supplies to match your needs. Our experts deliver timeless and classic designs using superior quality furniture that can serve you well for years. With a luxury design, you will not have to spend more on renovations in the coming years.

To allow you to familiarize with our concepts, we have showrooms with exclusive items and designs on showcase. We fit these with Italian upholstery and case goods, allowing clients to access exclusive products and choose which they would want featured in their projects. Checking out our showrooms enables you to draw inspiration for your preferred choices.

Compare Similar Projects

While consulting with the interior designer, you can communicate the exact design results you are interested in. Your designer will help you refine the ideas to make them actionable and deliver the best results.

Interiors by Steven G (IBSG) offers a gallery of past works to help you have an idea of what to expect. Our competent experts will walk you through each project and help you draw inspiration from some that can fit in your own. We have corresponding testimonials to show for each of our works to guarantee those results are what the client wanted.

Our projects are handled in liaison with top local contractors as part of the team, helping you get only the finest work. By working with a team of experts, we observe the project deadline, guaranteeing you get exceptional and timely results.

Find the Best Interior Designers South Florida

Home renovations can be exciting, but they also come with challenges that may require expert assistance. Top-rated interior designers can help ease the project and meet desired objectives. Interiors by Steven G (IBSG) is your trusted interior design firm serving clients on the entire Eastern Seaboard, throughout the US, and across the globe. Our interior design experts strive to accommodate clients’ needs and fulfill their expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Steven G. Day

Every October 2nd will officially be observed and celebrated in our company as Steven G day!

Yesterday evening, Steven G was asked to attend the City of Aventura’s Commission Meeting with the Aventura Marketing Chamber of Commerce.

While he was there, undenounced to him, he was surprised to receive a proclamation plaque, honoring him for the efforts he has made in coordinating donations for the recent Hurricane Dorian Relief, as well as many previous efforts in his charity work throughout the years.

October 2nd, 2019 marks the day that he was recognized for his humanitarian efforts, and declared Steven G Day by the Mayor of Aventura. The donations and charities that have been held by Interiors by Steven G for so many years could not have been possible without the help of our team and the generous and wonderful people within the community!

A huge thank you to Dr. Linda Marks, Mayor Enid Weismann and everyone from the City of Aventura and the Aventura Marketing Chamber of Commerce for presenting Steven G with this amazing award.

What is Hospitality Interior Design?

Interior design in hospitality centers primarily on service industries including hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, fitness clubs, lounges, spas, and country clubs, among others. The scope of work, budgets, and space planning can be quite complex, so maimi interior designers who work in hospitality take on quite a bit of responsibilities and must be very thoughtful with their design choices.

Hospitality is one of biggest industries in the world…and it’s also one of the most important branches of commercial design. In today’s post, I explore booming hospitality industry and reveal why interior design plays a central role in service-driven businesses.

Hospitality Interior Design

Commercial or hospitality designers have to elevate spaces with a specific style and mood in mind while also maximizing a space’s functionality for financial gain. When it comes to hospitality interiors, business comes first! Commercial interior designers in the hospitality field work in tandem with architects, contractors, and manufacturers to ensure all physical structures and architectural elements are aligned with the client’s vision and business requirements.

Hospitality Interior Designers

Fusing luxury with functionality

Hotels, spas, and other service ventures have some of the most beautiful and lavish interiors. A seasoned hospitality designer knows how to strike the balance between high-end luxury and top-notch functionality to create spaces that both business owners and customers will love. This is incredibly important for businesses looking to make a great first and lasting impression such as in hotel interior design where this balance plays a major role in customer experience.

Whether it’s an intimate lounge or a sophisticated Michelin Star restaurant, every hospitality enterprise needs a design to accommodate a specific amount of patrons if it wants to maximize earnings. However, service-driven businesses must also include certain features and amenities if they’re going to excite and inspire customers.

What Is Hospitality Interior Design

This is where a hospitality design firm comes in!

They are trained to conceptualize beautiful spaces that lend themselves to optimal customer service.

In restaurant interior design for example, a hospitality design consultant must: blueprint an industrial kitchen, prevent a restaurant from overcrowding, and select durable materials, all within a specific motif or style.

Defining Hospitality Interior Design

A hospitality designer is also responsible for helping business owners with:

  • Lighting
  • Window Placement
  • Floor and Ceiling Design
  • Smart Technology
  • All Other Architectural Details.

They then must develop an aesthetic that meets the needs of the business through fabrics, artwork, color schemes, furniture, wall and window treatments, high-end finishes, and accessories, and must also make sure each space is safe and up to code.

Interview with Transcript: Steven G and Jane Bond Talk About the Turnberry Ocean Club

The Turnberry Ocean Club Residences in Sunny Isles Beach are making a real splash in South Florida. With their breathtaking views and unprecedented catalogue of amenities (including the coveted Sky Club), these oceanfront residences are redefining luxurious living.

Of course, no high-end home is complete without Miami interior design services by Steven G. He designed the TOCR’s Model Residence, bringing his legendary touch to the hottest homes in luxury.

In this special interview, Jane Bond sits down with our fearless leader at the unit’s unveiling. They talk about Steven’s prolific career, what it means to have vision, the parallels between art and design, and much more.

Other highlights include:

  • Why his favorite design word is “legs”
  • Steven G’s design influences
  • The importance of keepings things fresh
  • The power of karma

Watch the entire video here!


Read the Full Transcript

Jane Bond: Hi everybody, I’m here with Steven G from Interiors by Steven G. I just wanted to ask you a few questions, Steven. What is like to be one of the most prolific interior designers of your time?
Steven G: Well, tired. The day starts at 4:30 in the morning and it’s 8:00 at night and we’re in an amazing Sales Center at Turnberry and it keeps going. The only thing I could really say is it feels tired. We work really hard and we’re doing this sometimes six and seven days a week. I don’t look at it as a fame thing, I never have. It’s a passion. It’s a drive and it’s a drive to stay, as they would say-
Jane Bond: Present?
Steven G: On the top of the ladder.
Jane Bond: You are that.
Steven G: It’s tough to get there. It’s tougher to stay there. I’m blessed and fortunate to have an amazing team behind me. I’m blessed and fortunate to continue being successful and continue growth. At the end of the day you take all that and the word is “tired.”
Jane Bond: Well, people don’t perceive you as being tired because the work you do is amazing. Of course me, as an agent and sitting here being a host with you today, I have been involved with that firsthand and I think the work is so on top, so present, so fresh and at this time everyone’s asking for what you’re delivering, which is wonderful. That must give you some type of relief.
Steven G: Vision is really the word.
Jane Bond: Future. Vision.
Steven G: You need to think about design like an artist thinks about doing a great painting. It has to stand the test of time. We feel that we’re right where the market absolutely is. But it’s also a bit of a timeless thing. The favorite word that I use when designing for anything or any particular project is “legs.” The job must have legs. It must stand the test of time. It needs to be great not only when you do it, but it needs to be great five, six, eight, ten years from now.
Jane Bond: Well, do you know what I see in your work, personally, I see a lot of French influence. I did a little research on you, I know you like quite a few French designers and you kind of go back to the 1950’s. You have a little bit of deco in there which is lovely. A lot of people do like that at this point. They’re transitioning. Actually, a lot of buyers that are looking for new homes now have transitioned into this fresh new look which is kind of a French, 1950’s, 40’s, deco style and you are delivering it.
Steven G: It’s really a little bit earlier, it’s more 1930’s.
Jane Bond: Oh. Okay.
Steven G: About … I’m going to say 12 or 14 years ago, I was asked to do an apartment in Trump in Manhattan, where our current president is sitting, and I had done three homes for the same client, Florida and then two, one in Mexico City and one in Cancun in Mexico. She had said to me, “How are going to do something different?” So I said, “Susanna, let me have a couple days to digest; think about it.” I said to her, “Why don’t we do something a little antiquish? Why don’t we do something maybe French?” She said, “You know, it sounds interesting.”
  At that time I knew as much about the antique world as the man in the moon, so I really did a 60 day sort of self-education crash course. I flew to New York and I visited every authentic antique dealer in Manhattan from one block to the next. I walked til my feet were falling off. I got a handle on a direction, I presented it and she said, “Great.”
  What transpired after that was I said, “You know, as a designer you always look to offer your client maybe something that nobody else could offer.” I actually went into the authentic antique business very heavily into art deco, art devo-
Jane Bond: Interesting.
Steven G: -and mid-century, which is where the 50-60’s. I got into this scenario where I now have about 600 pieces on display in our showroom.
Jane Bond: Fabulous.
Steven G: Yeah. You always try to think a little bit ahead but it’s a lot of hard work.
Jane Bond: Well, for you that don’t know, Steven G has a wonderful showroom. It’s 100,000 square feet, pretty much debt free.
Steven G: We are debt free.
Jane Bond: And it’s absolutely fabulous and you should all get a chance to go out there and see it. It’s in Pampano.
Steven G: Pompano.
Jane Bond: Pompano. I’m sorry.
Steven G: Pompano Beach.
Jane Bond: Pompano Beach. And I’ll let you finish.
Steven G: We are right off of 95 and Copans Road. For those of you who live in Miami or the Palm Beaches and you don’t want to drive, we will have our courtesy car pick you up and bring you to the showroom. We are very proud of our facility. We are, right now, under a little bit of renovation because we continue to bring new things to the marketplace, new looks. I relate it to a woman’s finer clothing store. The window is always changing because you would like the clientele to keep coming back.
Jane Bond: Absolutely.
Steven G: As a design firm we feel that we’re the same scenario, so we keep changing product. We keep bringing in new lines from all over the world. Our inventory, somebody could come in and probably furnish one hundred homes and we could-
Jane Bond: Oh. It’s beautiful. I’ve been there.
Steven G: Thank you. Thank you.
Jane Bond: It’s beautiful. You’ve done well. And I just want to ask you one last question Steven. What is it like being a straight, charming, handsome man in an industry usually full of gay men? I just want to hear your thoughts on that.
Steven G: For me it’s natural. I mean, I’m in the industry 43 years and I deal with all shapes, all sizes in my industry and I never give it thought. Occasionally, at an interview I’m asked by the lady of the house, they’ll sort of lean over the conference room table and they’ll say, “Can I ask you a personal question?” And I know what’s coming and I say, “Of course.” And they’ll say, “Are you gay?” And my answer is, “Do I have to be to get the job?”
Jane Bond: If you would like me to be.
Steven G: Yeah. At the end of the day it is something I don’t give thought to. It’s just part of the design world. I respect everybody-
Jane Bond: Absolutely.
Steven G: -that is in the industry regardless of where they’re from and what their sexual preference is.
Jane Bond: Fantastic.
Steven G: It makes no difference to me.
Jane Bond: Absolutely.
Steven G: I embrace any professional for anything I can help them with. I’ve been blessed and very fortunate to be able to be in that position but I believe in karma. I think karma’s an amazing thing. And I believe that when you’re blessed and fortunate to be successful, you must give back-
Jane Bond: Absolutely.
Steven G: -in a million different ways.
Jane Bond: Absolutely. I agree with you.
Steven G: Good.
Jane Bond: Well, it was nice speaking within you today.
Steven G: No. Thank you.
Jane Bond: It’s always good to see you.
Steven G: It was my pleasure.
Jane Bond: You are as charming as they say you are.
Steven G: Thank you.
Jane Bond: I loved sitting here talking to you.
Steven G: Thank you.
Jane Bond: And I have to say you have knocked it out of the park again.
Steven G: Thank you. This is such an important project for us Steven G’s because as I mentioned earlier in my speech in the Sales Center, 1979, I was an infant in the design world and so for family and Turnberry opened their first project here, it was such a huge success. It was … I don’t know, you might call it an introduction to Steven G at the age of 22. I’ve come a long way since that.
Jane Bond: I would liked to have seen Steven G at the age of 22.
Steven G: Yes. I can show you pictures. But at the end of the day it’s an honor to be here.


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