Minimalist luxury interior design blends clean lines, purposeful design, and high-quality materials in a timeless and sophisticated way. Minimalist design aims to create calming environments and focuses on quality over quantity. At Interiors by Steven G, we carefully select each design element and statement piece we add to a minimalist design scheme. Some of these elements include:

Clean Lines

One element of minimalist design is clean lines. Our designers achieve this using geometric shapes in decor and furniture, utilizing sleek surfaces, and creating an uncluttered layout. These elements help create visual harmony and spaciousness. We can also add elements such as exposed beams and minimalist furnishings to create a calming space.

Intentional Color Palette 

An intentional color palette helps create cohesion and harmony throughout a space. Minimalist luxury interior design usually focuses on neutral tones such as white, beige, gray, and earthy colors. Using one or two of these colors in a room creates a serene and timeless aesthetic. An intentional and neutral color palette also allows other decor elements and furnishings to take center stage, improving their visual impact. Adding subtle pops of color throughout the space through fabrics and decor adds depth and personality.

 Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture should be both beautiful and functional. The minimalist design attempts to find furniture that adds to a space without being distracting. Intentionally choosing furniture allows us to select pieces that match your design and vision. Multifunctional furniture helps optimize spatial efficiency and adds a touch of elegance to the space. Less furniture in a room also draws attention to other design elements, such as materials and architecture. We will discuss options such as sofas with hidden storage compartments and coffee tables that double as a dining surface or working space to increase functionality without adding clutter.

Negative Space

Minimalist interior design embraces negative space. Negative space helps to draw attention to key focal points and architectural features. Your designer uses negative space to highlight decor elements while allowing the area to feel open and relaxing. This concept will also create a sense of balance and proportion in any room.

Architectural Elements

Adding unique architectural elements to a room increases visual interest without contributing to clutter. This helps maintain the overall sense of minimalism and sophistication. Architectural features include items like wall niches, exposed beams, built-in shelving, and floating staircases. Our designers may add multiple architectural elements to one room to create a timeless backdrop for curated furnishings and decor.

Carefully-selected Decor

Minimalism focuses on quality over quantity. This decor style often involves removing excess and concentrating on a few core statement pieces. Our designers work with you to carefully curate every piece we add to your space to make sure it matches. We focus on finding decor and furnishings with form and function. These pieces include artwork, lighting fixtures, and luxurious textiles that elevate the ambiance of your home. By carefully selecting decor with intention, we can find accents that create eye-catching focal points and complement the simplicity of the space.

Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials helps to infuse spaces with texture and warmth. Materials such as wood, stone, marble, and leather bring an organic element that complements minimalist design’s clean lines and simplicity. Interiors by Steven G has a 110,000 sq. ft showroom where you can see furnishings made of a variety of materials. We will show you options like hardwood flooring, stone accent walls, and leather upholstery that add depth to your design scheme. 

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting can brighten a room and make it feel more inviting while also adding a striking decor element. We do this by adding a chandelier, pendant light, or modern floor lamp. These lighting fixtures accentuate architectural and decor features while elevating the ambiance of the room. 

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan adds to the flow of a space and creates a sense of spaciousness. After nailing down your vision, we then develop plans to begin construction to create an ideal floor plan. We can do this by removing unnecessary walls and barriers. This unrestricted layout creates a seamless flow between living, dining, and kitchen spaces. It makes it easier for natural light to enter the space, which contributes to the overall ambiance.

Experience Luxury Interior Design With Interiors by Steven G

Less is more when it comes to minimalist luxury interior design. This design style creates luxurious and elegant spaces using intentional color palettes, multifunctional furniture, and subtle accents. Interiors by Steven G is a full-service interior design firm located in Pompano Beach, Florida. We work with our clients from conception to completion on their projects. Our design professionals can help you choose furniture, fabric, and accessories from our 110,000 sq. ft. showroom to help you create a minimalist space that meets your vision. Contact us today to get started.