Designing guest and main bathrooms with luxurious fixtures, colors, and accessories helps enhance the atmosphere of these spaces. At Interiors by Steven G., we offer custom interior design services for new builds and renovation projects. Here are some luxury interior design ideas we can incorporate in your home’s bathrooms:


The flooring of a bathroom impacts the space’s functionality and visual appeal. Materials like tile, cement, hardwood, and vinyl plank are customizable, allowing you to match the surrounding design elements and create a luxurious, cohesive atmosphere. Large, natural stone tiles match traditional and modern design styles. Small, colorful tiles may be used to create mosaic patterns with high or low contrast. Adding a non-slip rug with coordinating colors or patterns to tiled or cement floors improves the bathroom’s safety. It may also make a visual statement that draws guests’ attention. Using hardwood or artificial vinyl plank flooring incorporates the rich textures of natural wood grain. This flooring matches rustic, farmhouse, and traditional design styles. Our team can help you find flooring options that complement various design styles, including contemporary and transitional.

Wall Treatments

Busy prints and textures that may be overwhelming in larger rooms are ideal for luxury interior design projects in bathrooms. Homeowners can experiment with paint colors and wallpaper patterns to add a touch of luxury to these smaller spaces. Wallpaper with floral, illustrated, or geometric patterns pairs well with many design styles and preferences. Adding texture to walls with decorative plaster, tiles, or wood panels creates visual interest in high- and low-contrast designs. Color and texture can be extended to the ceiling or used on only the ceiling to create a unique look and add depth to the space. Keeping the rest of the bathroom decor streamlined and simple may help wall and ceiling treatments stand out as the room’s focal point.

Light Fixtures

The style and placement of bathroom light fixtures affect the room’s ambiance and functionality. Bright or dimmable sconces placed near the mirror are most suitable if the space is regularly used for styling hair or applying makeup. Guest or half bathrooms that are used less frequently allow homeowners to express more creativity with lighting options. These spaces can be elevated with chandeliers, recessed bulbs, or under-cabinet strip lighting. Decorative sconces and chandeliers give a moody, romantic feeling to smaller bathrooms. Recessed and under-cabinet lighting creates a more modern, minimalistic environment. We encourage clients to visit our showroom to explore light fixtures that match their bathroom design goals.

Bathtubs and Showers

The style of a bathtub or shower impacts the bathroom’s overall feeling. In large bathrooms, homeowners can choose to install separate tubs and showers. A sleek or claw-foot stand-alone tub can serve as the focal point and main bathing area in smaller spaces. Placing a stand-alone tub near a private window with a beautiful view creates a serene bathing experience. Installing a frameless, glass-enclosed shower helps the fixture blend in with its surroundings for a minimalistic aesthetic. Steel-framed glass showers draw attention to the panels, turning the shower into a statement piece. Adding custom tile to shower floors and walls creates a personalized aesthetic that complements the rest of the room’s design.


Sinks and vanities made with raw natural materials create stunning focal points for smaller bathrooms. Rough-cut or polished stone basins placed on wooden vanities may be ideal for minimalistic, modern designs. Large slabs of marble, quartzite, or concrete can be turned into couples’ sinks and vanity countertops in the home’s main bathroom. Stand-alone porcelain sinks add a warm, vintage touch to classic bathroom designs. Adding coordinating storage pieces under or around sinks and vanities helps make the space more functional. These furniture pieces include small dressers, shelving units, and baskets.


Carefully selected hardware and fittings can add touches of luxury to bathroom spaces. Gold drawer handles in unique shapes fit well with timeless or vintage-inspired designs. Wooden knobs and handles are ideal for rustic farmhouse aesthetics. Matte black hardware and sink fittings create a sleek, modern look. To add a futuristic elegance to minimalistic bathroom spaces, include polished metal baths and shower fittings. These small details bring the room’s entire design and color palette together, creating a uniform appearance.


Accessories like mirrors, artwork, and greenery can be used in small and large bathrooms to enhance the feeling of luxury. Antique or vintage-inspired mirrors with ornate brass or copper frames add elegance to a classic bathroom design. These mirrors may be handheld, wall-mounted, or standing on the vanity. Large mirrors with minimal borders and traditional shapes enhance modern interior designs, complementing natural materials and color palettes. Adding framed artwork prints to bathroom walls lets homeowners showcase their personality with a luxurious touch. Live or artificial plants help clean indoor air and add color to monochromatic bathroom designs. Our clients can choose from a variety of greenery, decor, and other accessories in our showroom.

Explore Luxury Interior Design Ideas

Interiors by Steven G. has a 110,000-square-foot showroom filled with lighting, furniture, fabrics, and other design options for homeowners to choose from for their luxury bathroom projects. Our range of supplies and team of experienced designers help clients customize every aspect of their homes, condos, and other interior spaces. Contact us today to learn more about creating luxurious and functional interiors.