If you’re planning to update a room or your entire home, you may be interested in discovering what’s popular today in home decor and design. Interiors by Steven G has a team of premier interior designers South Florida homeowners trust to help find the right style for their spaces and implement the designs. Here are some of the most popular home decor styles:


The Mediterranean style creates a relaxed and welcoming vibe in your space, often associated with water and the beach. Blues and greens with splashes of tans, beiges, and oranges are popular in the Mediterranean color palette. This decor style can add elements of light and calmness to a dark or dreary room. Tile flooring, hand-painted dishes, and wooden accent pieces enhance the vibrancy of this style. You may want to add live or fake plants to complement this decor and continue the beachy theme. This decor style is popular with interior designers in South Florida as they incorporate light shades and earthy tones to bring the coastal outdoors inside.


Minimalism has become a popular interior design style in recent years. This decor style removes clutter and creates a clean aesthetic. White, beige, and other light neutrals are common color choices for this style. You won’t find a lot of accessories or accent pieces with a minimalistic style. Each item included in a minimalistic space is carefully chosen to contribute to the feeling or function of the room. Our design team can help you select minimalistic pieces from our vast showroom to elevate your space. With our digital rendering services, you can see how pieces will fit into your home and approve the final result before purchasing.


The traditional design style is a classic, heavy look achieved by darker colors on the walls, floor-length draperies, and large, solid wood furnishings. These features make a space feel more cozy, wrapping you in warmth. Muted greens, blues, and burgundy are popular traditional color choices. Ornate light fixtures are used brighten the room and provide contrast. The focal point of traditional design is usually a sitting area for conversation. Our interior designers can blend a strong traditional design with other elements to create a unique and timeless space.


Once considered cold and sterile, today’s contemporary design is more about being practical while creating a welcoming space. Contemporary design is a blend of styles, including a bit of traditional decor with an emphasis on the function of modern style. Light and dark neutral colors work together in contemporary spaces. This can be achieved by placing dark trim against a light wall. Carefully chosen accent colors can be used to reflect the theme of the space. Though contemporary style is simple with clean lines, it evokes a sophistication when designers use real wood and natural stone. Our team can help you select elements that add warmth to your space without being too heavy.


The cottage decor style creates a charming that evokes comfort and relaxation. It has a laid-back vibe and uses light colors to create an open feeling. You can incorporate several plants into the room’s decor to bring the feeling of the outdoors inside. This style features large windows to bring in natural light with either airy curtains or no window treatments. You’ll see light greens, blues, yellows, and other colors of nature used in this decor style. Fresh flowers and floral prints are popular design choices for this style. Flowers can be placed in vases on tables or mantles or incorporated into accent pieces like pillows and throw blankets. Mirrors and wooden furniture are also popular elements of this design style.


Bohemian design, often shortened to Boho, creates an eclectic look. Incorporate anything that suits your personality and decor taste with the idea that there can’t be too many colors, prints, or patterns. This style is the opposite of minimalistic design. You can include accent rugs, throw pillows, and plenty of artwork for your walls and shelves. Colors from nature enhance this theme and work well with various live plants. Boho furniture is cozy, inviting you to get comfortable and spend time in the space. Something as simple as candles can add character and warmth to a Boho room. The professional team at Interiors by Steven G can help you choose Boho items and colors that work well together and reflect your style.

Work With the Interior Designers South Florida Trusts

No matter which design style you choose for your space, you can count on the designers at Interiors by Steven G to bring your vision to life. From the design phase to completing the project, our experts can help you with every step. We’ll assist you in matching your taste and space with the right design style and help you determine which colors, accents, and furniture pieces will create the look you’re going for. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your next interior design project.