Luxury interior design and decoration are popular topics for a reason – the environment we live in touches every other aspect of our lives.

Why not find a way to bring the nature in out environment! Today I am going to show you the best ways to do this.

These are the 5 most unique ways to let the interiors and exteriors blossom in your home.

1. Turn an outside space into a room:
Why not have the chance to eat your dinner outside! You can create a beautiful outdoor space into a dining room. All you need are the most easily transferable accessories such as table chairs, stone flooring and mood lighting that can fit your interior-decorating arrangement.

2. Frame that view:
Find that perfect opening or window in your home and work around it. The architecture will draw the eye from the interior accessories framing the space to the beautiful wonders that lie through the window. Framing a room this way will allow you to gaze past the estate’s boundaries. Having your furniture directed toward this opening will make a statement and open up space in the room.

3. Get rid of a wall:
See a wall that you can do without? Well knock it down and marvel at the new opportunities to inspire your outdoor interior decorating! You can open up a garden from ceiling to floor set behind your kitchen. Or create a patio outstretched from your dining room. Once these walls are down, the boundary between garden and living space disappears completely.

4. Let the light shine in:
Light is vital to bringing an alfresco touch to an interior space. A fully glazed roof will get you to your goal and creating this fairytale vibe. Given the ability to view the exterior walls from within the space emphasizes the open-air feel with a natural cozy ambiance.

5. Have your decorating theme be outdoorsy:
If your significant other has a problem with knocking down that wall then there are other ways you can bring the outside in. Bring in the woodland scenery into a room! Decorate a bedroom like a mystical forest with a branching metal bed, ascending ivy garlands and intricate leafy print textiles. Test it out if you are feeling adventurous!