A licensed interior design professional beautifies your space using technology and design theory. At Interiors by Steven G. (IBSG), we have a team of interior designers South Florida residents can rely on. We specialize in designing and refreshing luxury spaces, including homes, hotels, and restaurants. Here are some ways we can help you personalize your interior:

Plan Your Layout

A curated layout can optimize your space for its intended use. Designers at Interiors by Steven G. combine furniture, accessories, and the available space to create paths for traffic and gathering. Open layouts excel at expanding how big your space feels, and designated routes for foot traffic help improve functionality for you and your guests. Multiple seating areas offer options when hosting, or establishing a single space for conversation brings groups together in an intimate setting.

We prepare layouts using AutoCAD, a state-of-the-art 3D rendering software. Its features allow us to create a visual preview of your new space’s layout, including furniture, fixtures, and decorations. Previews help us clearly communicate our layout ideas to clients and quickly incorporate their feedback into designs. Our collaborative process lets you review every plan to make sure it meets your vision.

Unify Your Theme

In interior design, the theme refers to the overall cohesive style of your space. It incorporates every aspect of the room, including the colors, textures, and patterns. Our designers curate each element to contribute to your chosen ambiance and enhance it using accessories like pillows and wall hangings.

Minimal themes focus on removing clutter and noise. They use neutral colors to promote a simple appearance and modern furniture to meet the room’s needs without overwhelming it. Minimalism can be a suitable choice because it makes small spaces feel clean and open. Traditional themes use dark shades and heavy wood to make a space feel homey. Earthy colors like muted greens and blues work with bold light fixtures to create contrasts. Traditional spaces may be built around a central conversation area, making them well-suited for living spaces. Cottage and rustic themes utilize natural materials to create a cozy, outdoor feel. They usually highlight natural light and pastel colors paired with floral fabrics, stone accents, and wooden furniture.

Enhance Your Lighting

Our interior designers strategically place lighting sources to maximize your space’s size. Brighter rooms may feel bigger as the light bounces off reflective surfaces and pale colors, illuminating corners and minimizing shadows. Vertical lights can give the appearance of height, draw the eye upward, and make rooms with low ceilings feel taller. Natural lighting through a window opens up a space and may be enhanced with paired mirrors or controlled with a sheer curtain.

Lighting color contributes to your space’s style. White lights accentuate clean lines for minimalist designs, and yellow lights promote a warmer feel that matches rustic and traditional setups. Fixtures help create room highlights and focal points. Overhead lights, like hanging chandeliers, communicate elegance, while horizontal lights, like wall sconces, create moody, cozy environments. Materials like brass, iron, or glass act as color accents, and spotlights or backlights can be placed to emphasize conversation or display pieces.

Some rooms require specific lighting to fulfill their purposes, such as vanity lights in bathrooms for makeup application. Brighter lights may foster a more fresh and dynamic feel, energizing kitchens or office spaces. Softer lighting usually feels more restful for relaxing spaces like home theaters or bedrooms.

Coordinate Your Furniture

When our designers help you choose furniture, they evaluate its place within the entire room. The furniture’s placement determines walking paths, which dictates traffic flow. Appropriately sized pieces will fill the space without feeling cluttered. The furniture’s design, colors, and style also inform your space’s theme. Distinctive pieces are functional while serving as conversation starters.

Your furniture’s materials affect your space’s aesthetics. High-end fabrics like silk and velvet are smooth when handled and have a modern look. Their versatility is helpful in matching color schemes, and they can be used in both upholstery and accents like pillows and drapes. Leather can be used in professional environments. As it ages, it develops individual character and fits well in headboards, chairs, and sofas. Wood suits modern and rustic styles, and exotic trees like mahogany and teak may communicate luxury. Natural stones, such as marble and granite, are practical choices with durable and heat-resistant properties, making them good for tabletops and counters. Some also have distinctive patterns and various color choices to help match themes.

Interior Designers South Florida Residents Can Trust

When working with Interiors by Steven G. (IBSG), you gain access to our curated resources. We stock a 10,000-square-foot product showroom, which allows you to examine furnishings’ colors, textures, and materials before committing them to your space. One of our licensed designers guides you through your visit so you can communicate your vision while receiving professional recommendations. To begin personalizing your space, contact our interior designers in South Florida today.