Your home’s outdoor spaces should be personalized to match your style preferences and extend the design and decor of your interiors. A luxury interior design team, like Interiors by Steven G, has experience designing and constructing custom residential and commercial spaces. Here are six design elements to incorporate into your outdoor space to improve its functionality and aesthetic appeal:


Bring shade to your outdoor gathering space with a timeless wooden or metal pergola. The design and color of these structures can be customized to match the style of your home’s interior or exterior elements. These additions enhance the comfort of your outdoor space by allowing the breeze to pass through and creating places to hang string lights, flower baskets, and other decor. A pergola with retractable shades increases the privacy of your outdoor seating area, grilling space, or hot tub. It also provides added protection from the sun’s heat and UV rays. This keeps your furniture from fading prematurely and creates a more functional place for you and your guests to enjoy each other’s company.

Dining Areas

Add a dining table and chairs to your outdoor space to provide a central gathering space that is ideal for hosting. Your dining table can be a small, two-chair seating area or an extended rectangular table that seats multiple guests and encourages group conversations. Look for tables and chairs made with traditional patio furniture materials, like wicker, wood, and more. Select finishes and fabric colors that match your preferences and create a welcoming atmosphere. Our luxury interior design team will help you create a practical dining layout and recommend furniture pieces that align with surrounding design elements.

Kitchen and Bar Areas

Outdoor kitchens include features like grills, pizza ovens, sinks, and countertops for preparing food. Natural stone countertop materials, like granite, are ideal for outdoor spaces because of their durability. Some stones must be sealed before use to enhance their resistance to water and weather conditions. Consult with your design team to determine the most suitable stone type for your style and functionality goals. They may also suggest adding a separate bar area with a drink fridge and ice maker to help you serve guests without moving back and forth between indoor and outdoor spaces. There should be adequate storage in outdoor kitchens and bars for extra food and beverages, cookware and utensils, and cleaning supplies. Designers from Interiors by Steven G will help you plan your outdoor kitchen and bar to maximize space.

Comfortable Seating Options

The furniture you choose should be comfortable and accommodating for the number of guests that will be using the space regularly. If you plan to have large gatherings, purchase multiple pieces of large furniture, like couches and lounge chairs. Look for those with cushion covers made from acrylic, canvas, polyester, and other waterproof and weather-resistant materials. These materials come in many colors and patterns and are made to be used outdoors without fading or discoloring. Our team will help you find high-quality furniture options that create a cohesive style that is an extension of your interior design.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting affects the mood and functionality of your outdoor space while adding visual interest. Outdoor lighting can be installed to match the indoor layout or customized to create a unique environment. If you plan to leave your furniture layout the same, add chandeliers or pendant lighting over central gathering areas. Adding larger lighting fixtures over dining tables, couches, and cooking areas turns them into the focal points of the space. Sconces on outdoor walls or support beams add gentle lighting for casual evening events. Other soft lighting options include lanterns and candles, which bring a luxurious, timeless touch to your home. 

Greenery and Accessories

Use hanging or potted plants, trellises, and planter boxes to decorate with a natural touch. Greenery can be living or fake, and the decision between the two depends on your local climate and maintenance preferences. To increase privacy, frame your patio with larger greenery options like trees and bushes. You can add accessories to personalize your outdoor areas, like pottery, rugs, coffee tables, and artwork. Accessorize your outdoor space with items that complement the furniture or stand out as statement pieces. Functional, durable pieces, like woven rugs and coffee tables, make the space more comfortable and are easy to clean. Explore our showroom to find inspiration for your outdoor decor. We carry many first-class designer lines with varying decor styles, colors, patterns, and product types.

Meet with Our Luxury Interior Design Team

If you plan to customize or renovate an outdoor space, Interiors by Steven G will help you select design elements that highlight your tastes and improve the functionality of your home. We will make suggestions based on current luxury interior design trends and incorporate your ideas into the final plans. You can explore and select furniture, accessories, greenery, and more in our extensive showroom in Pompano Beach, Florida. Contact us today to learn more about starting your next interior design project.